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Tom Hyland (
Tue, 15 Feb 2000 08:19:41 -0800 (PST)

If this is the same German language film I am thinking of (name of director
escapes me), it recently showed in NYC at Anthology Film Archives. They had
a retrospective of this director, including this film. It may be that the
Goethe Institute sponsored it and I'm fairly certain they would only show
this on 35mm. But I have to agree with Deg that it is not a waste of time
to check every avenue in sourcing a film. You either find out that the film
is available in 16mm, or it is not...simple. Good luck Myles.

Tom Hyland

At 06:48 AM 2/15/00 -0800, you wrote:
>The film WAS NEVER released commercially even in 35mm. I would guess that
>only 5% of the foreign language films that GET released in 35mm are than
>made in 16mm. You need to commit around $10,000 to do this. SWANK which for
>instance has the rights to films from Miramax, Artisan, Grammercy ect. has
>made VERY few 16mm foreign language films in the last 3 years.
> As for GOOD MACHINE. They are basically a sales agent and at best dabble
>in distribution when they are desperate. Since this film is 8 years old,
>there is clearly no chance it is going to get distributed. I was merely
>surprised that Good Machine was even attached to it. Best guess is that they
>had some kind of sales deal but never sold it. Another depressing statistic
>is that probably less than 1% of foreign films are ever distributed IN ANY
>FORMAT in the US.
>Sorry folks but that is the real world. Best advice is don't get your hopes
>up when you read about a film in some nice film journal or review at a
>European film fest, chances are you are never going to see that film.
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>>This seems like a mighty strong response.
>>I'm curious why there is "no chance in hell" that the film will be released
>>in 16mm, and why trying to contact Good Machine is a waste of time.
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>>> There is no chance in hell of this film being available in 16mm. I do not
>>> think it was ever released theatrically. Good Machine is a New York based
>>> film sales/production company. they are probably in the book but I would
>>> not
>>> waste my time
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