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Kristine R. Brancolini (
Thu, 10 Feb 2000 09:45:53 -0800 (PST)

There is ample research evidence that academic libraries without a
separate media materials budget spend significantly less, both in absolute
dollar amounts and as a percentage of the overall materials budget, than
those libraries that have allocated a media fund. The best ammunition in
the fight to create a separate budget or increase the one you have is
probably the recently-adopted "ACRL Guidelnes for Media Resources in
Academic Libraries." They were published in the April 1999 issue of _C&RL
News_, but they are also on the web:
<> See specifically, guideline
4.1, under 4.0 Budget.

Good luck! -- Kris

On Thu, 10 Feb 2000, Barb Bergman wrote:

> My situation is similar to those described by Beth and Elizabeth.
> I have no budget of my own because the materials budget is divied up among
> departments for the faculty to spend on any library materials. I can offer
> suggestions to faculty, but... As was mentioned, it means there has been no
> collection development. Unspent funds do revert to librarian's discretion
> after our deadline in May. Then Reference and Media get to fight it out, so
> I will get to spend a modest amount in the summer.
> On the brighter side, the Library received a special, extra $100,000
> allocation last year, so I did my part to spend as much as I could while I
> had the chance. <grin>
> Barb
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