RE: Nickelodeon + Return of the Secaucus seven

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Gytha, is the one film you are looking for actually "The Return of the
Secaucus Seven?" This was put on the National Film Register in 1997, so I
have been looking for it, also. However, most of the sites I have checked -
Facets, Critic's Choice, Movies Unlimited, etc, either don't list it, or say
it is unavailable on video. I tried Nickleodeon on Movies Unlimited with
the same results. I don't know if this helps or not. Maybe some of the
distributers, or other librarians will have a better answer.

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> Subject: Nickelodeon + Return of the Secaucus seven
> Hi there videolibbers,
> help! I still haven't had any replies to the following queries. Negative
> replies will be gratefully received. The academics will then believe me!
> Many thanks
> Gytha Wyatt
> I am also having trouble emailing the group, and I don't think you have
> received the following queries. Please forgive me, if this is a repeat
> email.
> Thanking you all,
> Gytha
> I am having great difficulty locating suppliers for these videos.
> Nickelodeon (Bogdanoviche, 1976)
> Return of the Secaucus / directed by John Sayles. 1980
> I have searched the databases of all the large video suppliers, without
> any
> luck. The academics assure me they are available! The academic requesting
> Nickelodeon wants a PAL version, but I am sure if I could locate a NTSC
> copy he wouldn't mind.
> If there is anyone that can assist me, please send the supplier/s fax no.
> or email address. I am located in New Zealand in the South Pacific,
> therefore 0800 numbers, etc. are not suitable, wrong time zones.
> Thanking you in advance.
> Gytha
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