RE: video series "Millennium Evenings at the White House"

Copeland, Jonathan (
Thu, 10 Feb 2000 07:44:35 -0800 (PST)

Our Gov Docs department just gave us (Art/Music/Video Department) these
videos to add. We're going to add them to the video collection as they
do no good in gov docs (their material does not circulate and they have
no VCR for people to watch videos on.)We have been asked to put a stamp
on the videos saying that if we remove them from the collection they are
to go back to the Gov Doc Dept. Of course sometimes (a lot of the time,
unfortunately) videos remove themselves from the collection in which
case there is nothing we can do. All of our non-fiction videos are
cataloged LC so wherever these happen to fall in the LC system is where
they will end up. Hope this helps!

-Jonathan Copeland
Reference Librarian
Art/Music/Video Dept.
Minneapolis Public Library

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I am just curious how many public libraries will be adding this gov doc
video series to their collection and if you plan to keep it together as
a series or place the individual videos in the appropriate Dewey

Renee Zurn
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