Re: video allotments

Elizabeth Malia (
Thu, 10 Feb 2000 07:42:35 -0800 (PST)

Well, as a new subscriber, I can't resist this one.

I have no budget of any kind for materials. The librarians (the faculty
members--I have an MLS but am not faculty) decided when they created this new
media center that videos were just like books, and if they or the teaching
faculty came across one in their subject area that they tought we ought to
get, they would buy it. From their point of view, I guess this works, but
from my point of view, this means that I have to work hard with the teaching
faculty to make them aware of new videos and needs in their areas, then nudge
them repeatedly to make a request. This doesn't work so well, because there
really is no collection development going on--just supplying the demand.
You'd be surprised how many teaching faculty members do not have a clue that
they can request that the library purchase something. My input is received
courteously by the library faculty, but invariably met with polite rebuff
because they have heard no request from faculty, so I couldn't possibly know
what is wanted. I will say, tho', that the titles that are rented each
quarter from other sources are accepted as legitimate requests and purchased
when available. Sorry this is so long. Any replies or flames, please send
to me directly, not the list. EM

Linda Engelberg wrote:

> Does anyone divide their video budget according to broad subject areas,
> academic depts, or any other type of division? Or does everyone have just
> a single video budget? Any comments on what works best? In the past I've
> had just one video budget, but other librarians are questioning this
> approach.
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