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Beth Hansen (
Thu, 10 Feb 2000 06:17:17 -0800 (PST)

We broke our video and computer software budget out by subject area two
years ago and it is a pain! Every department gets some allocation, whether
they use film or not. We set a cut-off date in April by which funds that
have not been spent are placed in a pool for other faculty to use or for
general collection development. There are lots of book allocation formulas
out there, but I've yet to identify any for media allocation (any
suggestions out there?) Our online accounting system doesn't accommodate
fund transfers very readily, so tracking is quite cumbersome. This also
creates a bit of mayhem at the end of the fiscal year to expend the funds
which have gone untouched during the academic year. If anyone has any
suggestions for a more efficient system, I'd be most grateful to hear about
Best of luck!

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> Does anyone divide their video budget according to broad subject areas,
> academic depts, or any other type of division? Or does everyone have just
> a single video budget? Any comments on what works best? In the past I've
> had just one video budget, but other librarians are questioning this
> approach.
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