Re: 16mm film rental catalogs
Tue, 8 Feb 2000 19:24:55 -0800 (PST)

Dear Eric,

First, thanks to the others for the mention of Milestone. In the, as usual,
spirit of good will spread by the Videolibers, I should also mention our
friends at

Zeitgeist Films
Woman Make Movies
First Run Features
Winstar (I think Wendy Lidell might have a few 16mm prints)

who have fairly decent 16mm collections.

They're all New York distributors, by the way. (Something I have been trying
to convince the Museum of Modern Art to do is a series devoted to the indie
distributors of NYC who have fostered an alternate -- not better or worse --
history of films outside of Hollywood to the rest of the US since the early
days of cinema. It's a fascinating history. Really.)

I'm looking at my video shelf and all the videos these friends at all these
companies have given me -- I'm sure I'm missing a few companies but I believe
Gary has a wonderful list of distributors on the videolib site.

And I don't know if you wanted educational films as well as fictional and
documentary features, but that would open a whole 'nother list of great

Dennis Doros