PPR thanks

Lloyd Jansen: Kinks Fan (LJANSEN@STOCKTON.LIB.CA.US)
Tue, 8 Feb 2000 09:19:47 -0800 (PST)

I'd like to thank everyone, especially Jim Scholtz and Kristine Brancolini,
who responded to my question last week about noting public performance
rights in our catalog. We have decided to go ahead and include this
information in a 540 note field. As a public service to facilitate the
use of our request system, we will sometimes fudge by putting copies of
a video title released by different publishers on the same bib. record
(as long as the video contents are identical.) For this reason we do
have cases where we have PPR copies of a title on the same record as
non-PPR copies (e.g., a copy for our juvenile program collection and
copies that we circulate.) As a result, our 540 statement will say,
"Public performance rights from [name of PPR distributor/vendor]" so
we can tell which copies were purchased with PPR in those cases. We
hope that this will be useful service for both staff the the public.
Thanks again!

Lloyd Jansen
Head Cataloger
Stockton-San Joaquin County
(California) Public Library
(209) 937-8670
SSJCPL homepage: http://www.stockton.lib.ca.us