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Stevie Andrew (
Fri, 4 Feb 2000 10:34:33 -0800 (PST)

Our library is not quite as big, but we do have movie video circs of 13,000/month (with nf and childrens it totals 21,000). Our videos are barcoded on the front of the cardboard (or paper) sleeve and then put in black plastic cases. The bar code number is inked on the video cassette shell label (if there's no white room, we paste a strip on it). This is the same thing we do with our audio cassette boxes (4500 circs/mo) and multimedia (1000/mo). We put the bar codes directly on our cds because the regular clear plastic cases break too often and because the sleeves are so small that too much information would be covered up. (I don't know what we'll do when we add DVDs.) The speed of checkout is a great advantage (we circulate 1.2 million items from our one location). At checkin, the cases do have to be opened so the bar codes can be checked to see if inside and outside match, but people aren't standing in line while we do it, and much of it is done by volunteers who have short sh
ifts. Problems are set aside for AV staff to sort out. Circ staff is pretty happy with the system; their concerns about injuries have made us recently begin to put our book bar codes on the covers as well. As far as patrons putting the wrong item in the right box, this is really a much bigger problem with audio and multimedia since they have multiple pieces and subsequent patrons are less likely to notice the mistake until they have the box at home.

Stevie Andrew
Iowa City Public Library

>>> Karen Fischer <> 02/02/00 03:23PM >>>
Hi, I'd like some feedback or discussion on our situation.
Our library is a mid-size public library with a video collection of over
25,000 videos. Entertainment videos circ is over 20,000 loans each month.
Our barcodes are currently on the video shell above the title, requiring the
circulation staff to open each video case for every checkout and checkin.
The circulation staff is complaining about repetitive motion injuries as a
result. They want the barcodes placed on the outside video case, rather than
the actual video shell. The AudioVisual staff is really against this as we
have experienced too many problems with mixed-up videos, patron's personal
videos, etc. coming back in the cases, even with opening each one.
The other option our Technical Services Supervisor suggested was video
cases with an opening for the barcode to be scanned without opening the
cases. The AV staff still has some of the same concerns about this.
I'd really like to know what other libraries do and what sorts of problems
they've run up against. Thanks.

Karen Fischer
AV Librarian
Mansfield/Richland County Public Library
Mansfield, OH