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Several of you referred to "wedges" or "those thin metal openers" to open
video cases. Can you provide more specific information about what you are
using or where you purchased the openers?

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Karen, the Duluth Public Library used to repackage all video's into
black cases with 1/3 sleeve. We typed a brief description of the video
title, rating, and content and taped this on the inside cover of the
video case. The bar code was placed on the back-top-right-upper corner
with our security label just above it. We placed the call number on the
outside spine, with the title just above that. The Circ staff had to
open all cases to checkout the videos. We have those thin metal
"openers" at all checkouts. The black cases are the least expensive
and most durable.
Last year we decided to try different clear cases to see how they
would affect our processing and checkout procedures. We are using both
the squeeze-open-at-the-bottom cases and the clear cases with small
flaps or wings that you have to turn back to open the case. We decided
to leave the bar code where it is but we cut the video paper sleeve so
that the bar code can be scanned without opening the case. We use the
bar codes with two parts - the main part with the scanable part of the
bar code goes on the video and the small part that is just the bar code
number goes on the paper sleeve. Our Circ people love it. When the
videos are returned, they go to the Media Dept that checks to make sure
we have the right video in the right case and that the tape is not
We do not use the clear cases with the open side or cutout, where
the bar code is placed on the side. We have not had any bar codes lost
or stuck in players and decided to stick with what we know. The clear
cases cost more than the black cases, about $.15 or $.20 more, and that
can take a bite out of your budget.
We are still using the black 1/3 sleeve cases but are starting to
use the clear cases more and more, especially for children's videos. We
would like to use the clear cases for a while so that we can see how
they hold up over time but they are looking good so far.

Renee Zurn
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