Re: Barcode placement on videos

Brigid Duffy (
Thu, 3 Feb 2000 07:57:59 -0800 (PST)

If the label got deep into the machine, this sounds like the barcode was
on the door of the cassette (the side that goes into the machine first).
And that's why no labels of any kind should be stuck on that side of the
cassette. VCRs really will try to eat anything.

We've also had instances of the face label on the top of the cassette
peeling and jamming the tape in the machine, but that's not nearly as
destructive as a label getting into gears or around the tape drum.

Brigid Duffy
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On Thu, 3 Feb 2000, LaRoi Lawton wrote:

> Our barcodes are placed on the outside container because we had the
> unpleasant experience of having the barcode come off the video itself inside
> one of our VCR's. Our technician had to take the item apart to ascertain
> what the problem was with respect to this particular VCR. It wasn't until he
> actually opened it up that he noticed that the barcode had somehow had been
> chewed up into the system. While this has not happened
> again, it reiterated that "Murphy" was alive and well. For the most part,
> all of our barcodes are on the outside container. My circulation staff check
> videos anyway when they are returned to our desk since we are a
> non-circulating unit of our campus library.
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> Learning Resource Center
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> Subject: Barcode placement on videos
> > Hi, I'd like some feedback or discussion on our situation.
> > Our library is a mid-size public library with a video collection of
> over
> > 25,000 videos. Entertainment videos circ is over 20,000 loans each
> month.
> > Our barcodes are currently on the video shell above the title, requiring
> the
> > circulation staff to open each video case for every checkout and checkin.
> > The circulation staff is complaining about repetitive motion injuries as a
> > result. They want the barcodes placed on the outside video case, rather
> than
> > the actual video shell. The AudioVisual staff is really against this as
> we
> > have experienced too many problems with mixed-up videos, patron's personal
> > videos, etc. coming back in the cases, even with opening each one.
> > The other option our Technical Services Supervisor suggested was video
> > cases with an opening for the barcode to be scanned without opening the
> > cases. The AV staff still has some of the same concerns about this.
> > I'd really like to know what other libraries do and what sorts of
> problems
> > they've run up against. Thanks.
> >
> > Karen Fischer
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