Re: Barcode placement on videos

Andrea Slonosky (
Wed, 2 Feb 2000 14:03:02 -0800 (PST)

I think barcodes should be placed on the actual videocassette, thus
minimizing the problems of matching a plastic case with a number + a video
cassette. There are all kinds of covers available: clear plastic with
barcode cut outs, clear plastic with no cut outs, and boxes with sleeves
which can accommodate a portion of the original box. You could also
consider those devices used in music/video stores, where the whole thing is
encased in a frame, which the circulation staff must unlock. Another option
is a closed stacks system, where the covers and the actual videos are
separated, allowing patrons to browse the covers and not risk damaging or
losing tapes.

Have you had any problems with the self-check out? I was wondering if there
would be any trouble with tattle tape and demagnetizers.

Andrea Slonosky
Media Librarian
Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus
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