Re: Barcode placement on videos

Jan Derks (
Wed, 2 Feb 2000 13:49:27 -0800 (PST)

We have the same issue, too. When we began patron self-checkout we put barcodes
on the front exterior of all materials - books, videos, audiocassettes, CD-Roms,
etc., but staff still need to make sure the case and contents barcodes match.
The case with a slot, if such a case exists, would seem to solve the video
problem but not the situation for music CDs, DVDs, or any item with mutiple
parts, such as an audiocassette set. An unattractive alternative would be to
have clear cases through which the barcode and titles could be read and
electronically checked in. Of course, doing this means you do away with the
artwork That's a more unacceptable alternative in a public library than it would
be in a school or academic setting. Am eager to hear other ideas on this issue.
Jan Derks

Karen Fischer wrote:

> Hi, I'd like some feedback or discussion on our situation.
> Our library is a mid-size public library with a video collection of over
> 25,000 videos. Entertainment videos circ is over 20,000 loans each month.
> Our barcodes are currently on the video shell above the title, requiring the
> circulation staff to open each video case for every checkout and checkin.
> The circulation staff is complaining about repetitive motion injuries as a
> result. They want the barcodes placed on the outside video case, rather than
> the actual video shell. The AudioVisual staff is really against this as we
> have experienced too many problems with mixed-up videos, patron's personal
> videos, etc. coming back in the cases, even with opening each one.
> The other option our Technical Services Supervisor suggested was video
> cases with an opening for the barcode to be scanned without opening the
> cases. The AV staff still has some of the same concerns about this.
> I'd really like to know what other libraries do and what sorts of problems
> they've run up against. Thanks.
> Karen Fischer
> AV Librarian
> Mansfield/Richland County Public Library
> Mansfield, OH