Re: VHS on metal shelving?

Ralph Huntzinger (
Tue, 1 Feb 2000 16:39:13 -0800 (PST)

Excuse the tongue in the cheek --- Ralph.

On Mon, 31 Jan 2000 sgilliam@GUILFORD.EDU wrote:

> I would say that even a small magnet could damage a video tape if placed
> against it.

Try it!! (However, remember we are talking about nametags or
frigmagnets against the outside of a VHS case. A magnet against the
actual tape surface would of course alter the info.)

Gather the necessary materials: VHS in case, VCR, notepad, TV, bottle
of wine, frig-magnet, (pehaps friends and food).
Take one of those titles you would not tell Gary to put on the "token
opening day collection" list, STEP I: open bottle of wine, pour glass,
take tape out of case, put tape in the VCR, view tape carefully
(especially if Sharon Stone is in it) noting damaged places, keep sipping
wine, rewind tape, carefully put tape back in its case, STEP II: document
that you are putting a "frigmagnet" on top of the case, repeat STEP I
while noting where there is now "damage" where there was not previously
damage. For academic purity do this 10 times with perhaps a case of
excellent California wine to help the documenting each time. Then report the
results to the list.

Perhaps Sally M-R could get us a grant to do this in a real public
library where we could slap magnets on the shelves while we toast science
field work during each STEP I. I would come to help open the bottles.