Lloyd Jansen: Kinks Fan (LJANSEN@STOCKTON.LIB.CA.US)
Mon, 31 Jan 2000 17:25:02 -0800 (PST)

After a couple of years away from VIDEOLIB I keep finding myself faced
with various video-related questions, so I've come back in the hopes of
tapping once more into your collective wisdom.

As Head Cataloger at my library I am getting requests from public service
staff to add notes to the bibliographic records for videos when the
video comes to us with public performance rights. Staff would like
to be able to do a keyword search and come up with a list of those titles
for programming purposes. I have a couple of concerns about this. It
seems to me that public performance rights are granted for the individual
copy (or copies) that we purchase at the time. If we put the public
performance information on the bib. record, and a couple years later buy
a replacement copy of that video title that, for whatever reason, does
not come with public performance rights then the information on the
bib. record will either be incorrect, or will have to either be removed
or modified to remain accurate. Multiply this possibility over hundred
of titles and it could become a big maintenance job. It seems more
appropriate to put this information on the barcode record for the specific
item, but then a keyword search will not work.

My second concern is whether the public performance rights granted to the
library transfer to the public. Reading some of the PPR statements, it
seems that it is alright for the library to show the video to an audience,
but it's not so clear whether a patron checking out this video could legally
give their own public performance of the video. I'm also wondering if the
rights granted are typically different from video company to video company,
so the statement in the bib. record could be correct for some titles and
not for others. I do not want to advertise to the public in our catalog
that the video comes with public performance rights if they, themselves,
cannot legally take advantage of those rights.

I would think that other libraries out there may have dealt with these
issues. Am I making too big a deal about my concerns, or are there other
solutions that have worked at other institutions? I appreciate any advice
that you can pass along.

Lloyd Jansen
Head Cataloger
Stockton-San Joaquin County
(California) Public Library
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