Re: Catalogs

Michael J Boedicker (
Mon, 31 Jan 2000 16:43:26 -0800 (PST)

Interesting you should ask those questions, I just started a new AV job
(my first) in a public library, and I spent several days going through
all the old catalogs my predecessor accumulated -- some from as far back
as the early 90's. First I looked at his old purchase orders, to see who
he ordered from and where he got the best deals. I saved the most recent
catalogs from those vendors. For the rest I winged it, hoping I didn't
throw out something important but knowing too that a reputable vendor
will keep on sending catalogs.

Since we're a public library, our feature film circulation is much higher
than the nonfiction video circ. In general, I kept nonfiction catalogs
only from vendors with solid reputations (which I've learned about
lurking on this liter for the last year). I'm trying to keep up w/ the
mail and save only the most current catalogs, except in the case of
places like Facets, whose speciality catalogs (British Cinema, National
Film Registry, etc). make good filmographies.

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