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Sharon Stone! One of the great feminist icons of our time!

If any of the titles below look interesting, let me know, Chris and I'll
provide distributor info:

<bold>Crack in the Tube.</bold>

Humorously de-constructs some of the female roles represented on

television with the underlying suggestion that a greater variety of
visions and

vices ought to be possible

<bold>Dreamworlds 2.

</bold>A controversial video that MTV tried to ban by threat of legal
action if it was

released. Portrays the impact that sex and violence in media have on

and culture in our everyday life. Shows scenes from over 165 music

to show how the media portrays masculinity, femininity, sex, and sex

Includes a scene of a brutal gang rape from the movie, The accused. 57

<bold>Sexual Stereotypes in Media: Superman and the Bride.

</bold>This program shows how pervasive images are of man as Superman and
woman as his slavish bride- on film and TV, in the
fiction on which they are based, even in so-called
documentaries. 40 min.

<bold>Slaying the Dragon.</bold>

This film analyzes the roles and images of Asian women promulgated by the
Hollywood film industry and network television over the
past fifty years. 60 min.

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>TBS aired a really good doc. a couple of years ago on this

>subject entitled, "The Good, The Bad and The Beautiful," hosted by

>Sharon Stone. I couldn't find a distributor for it and called Turner,

>Inc. himself (er, not Ted, but...) and I got a hold of a fellow in

>some sort of customer relations office. He said although it was not

>for sale, he would see if he could get a copy to send me for the

>Representations of Women in Cinema course we needed it for.

>(classroom use only, etc.) I never heard from him again, alas, but

>try to keep my eyes open for it whenever I'm plowing through this

>week's mound o' catalogs and fliers from distributors. Ya never






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