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Frank Landrum (
Mon, 31 Jan 2000 09:41:36 -0800 (PST)

One of the reasons I adore this listserv is questions like this. Just
when I think the problem/concrn only exists here, a Jan Derks brings up
catalog filing questions.

We actually keep two files; one, for those companies that have vendor
reps and one for all those other catalogs that pollute the earth. I put
a date when they arrived and when a new one arrives, toss the old one
out. for those companies that merely distribute anything they can get
there hands on, it goes into the immediate re-cycle box.

Now - if we could get it down to where we only got one catalog per

Good luck Jan!

Frank Landrum

Lane ESD

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<excerpt>Am interested in how you deal with the many catalogs you receive
on a regular basis - especially with companies who have catalog access on
their website. It seems like a full-time job trying to handle, file and
weed catalogs! How do you decide which catalogs to keep and how to file
them? I currently file "subject-specific" catalogs by subject and shelve
catalogs that cover a variety of subject areas by company name. Am
reluctant to throw paper catalogs away when that company may have what I
need, if it's an area that I've not ordered in before. Do you USE
catalogs? Do you index companies by the subjects they represent and just
call them when you need a video on a subject? Do you bookmark your
favorite companies? Do you just use <underline>Bowker's Complete Video
Directory</underline> or another source to find what you need? When you
get a catalog, do you immediately file it or do you look through it
before filing it? Would love ideas on ways to handle catalog mail more

Thanks in advance!=20

Jan Derks=20

Arapahoe Library District, Littleton, CO=20