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Judy Jones (
Mon, 31 Jan 2000 09:00:47 -0800 (PST)

I keep a dealer-catalog file. My student assistants file into
as time allows. They have instructions to keep the last 3
years except for FFHS and PBS which we keep current year. I
made a VERY labor intensive subject-dealer and dealer to subject
cross-reference index a few years back and wasn't able to keep
it up when the big budget cuts of the 90s hit. I rely on
memory, FirstSearch, Video Source Book and the people on this
list, primarily.

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Am interested in how you deal with the many catalogs you receive on a
regular basis - especially with companies who have catalog access on
their website. It seems like a full-time job trying to handle, file and
weed catalogs! How do you decide which catalogs to keep and how to file
them? I currently file "subject-specific" catalogs by subject and
shelve catalogs that cover a variety of subject areas by company name.
Am reluctant to throw paper catalogs away when that company may have
what I need, if it's an area that I've not ordered in before. Do you
USE catalogs? Do you index companies by the subjects they represent and
just call them when you need a video on a subject? Do you bookmark your
favorite companies? Do you just use Bowker's Complete Video Directory
or another source to find what you need? When you get a catalog, do you
immediately file it or do you look through it before filing it? Would
love ideas on ways to handle catalog mail more efficiently.
Thanks in advance!
Jan Derks
Arapahoe Library District, Littleton, CO