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<< Anyone knwo of a distributor called Sovexportfilm? >>

Dear Rick,

Sovexportfilm, as the name implies, was the official (and only) exporter of
Soviet films when the entity still existed. They still survive as an
licensor, but in a much more limited capacity, as the rights to the films
themselves have gone back to the major studios like Mosfilm and Lenfilm,
while other companies and individuals like Films By Jove in California have
taken over representation for many films. (Warning: there may be sometimes
two or three people who claim rights to Soviet and Russian made films and it
can be the wild, wild west at times)

Sovexportfilm still might have an office in New York and you can always call
the cultural attache at the Russian embassy in DC or the consolute in NYC to
find out where they can be located.

What film or rights are you looking for?

Dennis Doros
Milestone Film & Video