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Mon, 31 Jan 2000 08:32:13 -0800 (PST)

Our faculty do the ordering and we assume that they receive many of the
catalogs (as well as some we do not get) that we do. For videos, I just
keep the most current one for the major vendors that we use: Facets,
Filmakers Library, Library Video, etc.

I try to use websites because they are more current and are easier to order
from. I generally bookmark sites we use and group those bookmarks into
folders (video, audiobooks, out-of-print books, etc.). If worst comes to
worst, you can always use a search engine like Infoseek or Yahoo to find a
company that sells the item you are looking for.

I think the days of keeping files of print catalogs are nearing an end.
Most of the libraries doing it are probably doing it out of habit now. Even
though I keep a few of the major catalogs around, I have to admit I rarely
ever use them.

Buddy Pennington
Acquisitions/Serials Librarian
Rockhurst University Greenlease Library

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Am interested in how you deal with the many catalogs you receive on a
regular basis - especially with companies who have catalog access on their
website. It seems like a full-time job trying to handle, file and weed
catalogs! How do you decide which catalogs to keep and how to file them? I
currently file "subject-specific" catalogs by subject and shelve catalogs
that cover a variety of subject areas by company name. Am reluctant to
throw paper catalogs away when that company may have what I need, if it's an
area that I've not ordered in before. Do you USE catalogs? Do you index
companies by the subjects they represent and just call them when you need a
video on a subject? Do you bookmark your favorite companies? Do you just
use Bowker's Complete Video Directory or another source to find what you
need? When you get a catalog, do you immediately file it or do you look
through it before filing it? Would love ideas on ways to handle catalog mail
more efficiently.
Thanks in advance!
Jan Derks
Arapahoe Library District, Littleton, CO