Re: Irene Wood Distinguished Service Award

Dennis Huslig (
Fri, 28 Jan 2000 06:01:05 -0800 (PST)

Jim & Gary,

Never ever throw anything away. First Rule of IW reviews.

Second rule - how much is a 400' 16mm Reel worth to you? =20

Never been touched by film!

What is the best offer?


At 01:54 PM 1/27/00 -0800, you wrote:



>I have a 28 min reel of 16mm (natl film board stuff) you could have (not

>sure what a 400 reel is...)


>Let me know.




>At 07:56 AM 01/27/2000 -0800, you wrote:

>>Hi All, At the Midwinter business meeting of VRT, we voted to honor Irene

>>Wood for her 29 years of distinquished service to the media field and=

>>librarians as well as being one of the founding forces of the Video

>>Interest Group, later the VRT. I"m designing a plaque for the award but

>>I'm in desparate need of a 400 reel/16mm film (any condition) and a 35mm

>>filmstrip. I'm going to create a glass framed 3D plaque with realia of

>>various media. Also, if anyone has any damaged DVDs, I'd take one of=

>>also. Don't worry, the plaque will be in good taste (not funny) and have=

>>brass plate attached signifying the award. Please send these items to


>>Jim Scholtz

>>Yankton Community Library

>>515 Walnut St.

>>Yankton, SD 57078


>>Thanks loads. No need for LP records or piano rolls, I don't think she

>>reviewed them!!=20




>Gary Handman


>Media Resources Center

>Moffitt Library

>UC Berkeley 94720-6000



>"Everything wants to become television" (James Ulmer -- Teletheory)



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