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The director's cut is a different version of a movie. Generally, scenes
will be cut from a film to make it shorter or give it a more family-friendly
rating. Generally this is done over the objections of the director (it is
usually done by the producers). If the director has enough clout or can get
the money, he or she can release their version of the movie.

Two examples:

1. Blade Runner - Ridley Scot made a version that the producers did not
like. The movie producers changed the ending and added a voice-over
narration. This was released in the theatres. Years later, Ridley Scot
came out with his 'director's cut' version that had his original ending and
did not have the voice-over narration.

2. The Last Emperor - Bernardo Bertolucci's original version of this film
was almost 4 hours long but it was cut down to under 3 hours. A couple of
years ago, the director's cut came out with all the scenes that were cut out
the first time.

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Can someone please explain what is meant by the term "Director's Cut"?
How is this different from a non-director's cut version of a video?

I apologize if this was discussed before (I think it was, but I just
don't remember.)

Thanks for your help.

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