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Judie Porter (
Fri, 21 Jan 2000 09:18:12 -0800 (PST)

Could you be talking about "Money on the Land" Program 8 from the
America series? I have it from Time Life Videos. I purchased it several
years ago, and no longer remember my source.
Hope this helps.
Judie Porter,
Portsmouth Schools, RI
> Dear all knowing ones,
> Awhile ago we had a video that was made from a 16mm called "Land ( and something or other)" it was part of a series made in the 70s (maybe early 80s, Shatner was wearing first generation polyester) called "America ( and something else)" and was hosted by William Shatner. The land volume dealt with how America was able to prosper economically because of the wise use of natural resources. I was doing some house cleaning and could not find a master in the archives so I tossed it and now I have a
> I have searched Bullfrog, FHS, Teachers Video, and several public library catalogs for titles on similar subjects and am coming up empty handed.
> I don't necessarily need that specific title, just one that shows how development of natural resources can contribute to a nation's economy.
> I realize this is a shot in the dark.... but what the heck, more amazing things have happened on this listserv....
> Thanks in advance
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