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PS: sorry for the sloppy input. I had this on my desk, working
on getting you all the distributor info and stuff and got
involved in new semester stuff. Tho't I'd send what I have,

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Desert Island List

1. Entire BBC collection of Shakespeare plays. Ambrose Video
$99 each

2. Annenberg/CPB series, my suggestions:

Western Tradition, 2 parts, 52 half hour programs on 13
cassettes $398

Connect with English, 48 episodes, $199

Destinos, parts I and II, 26 half hour programs on 13 cassetttes
(each part) $389 each part

The Africans. 9 one hour programs on 5 cassettes. $169

The Constitution: That Delicate Balance. 13 one hour programs
on 7 cassettes. $199

Art of the Western World. 9 programs on 4 cassettes $99

Cycles of life: exploring biology, 26 programs on 26 cassettes,

Earth Revealed, 26 half hour programs on 7 cassettes, $199

Algebra: in simplest terms, 26 half hour programs on 7
cassettes, $199

Against all odds: inside statistics, 26 half hour programs on 7
cassettes. $199

NOVA all obtainable

Frontline all obtainable

National Geographics all obtainable

Seasons of life or any of the good series on aging.

Class Divided or Eye of the Storm

Ethnic Notions, California Newsreel

Most Bill Moyers stuff

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I know I put up a March deadline for contributions to the Great Video
Core List In the Sky, but...hey...I've only received 3 or four lists so
far. Where's all that enthusiasm and thunder that was rolling re this
topic a few months back.

Again: if I can't get at least 10 or 15 contributors and 150-200 titles,
I don't think it's gonna be worth thinking about publishing this list in
the forthcoming Video Collection Development book.

I'm appending below my original call for contributors:

Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2000 11:21:34 -0800 (PST)




From: Gary Handman <<>

To: Multiple recipients of list <<>

Subject: A Video Core List (aka The Desert Island List)

Hullooo all! Hope your holidays were wonderful and that the new century
finds you all in good health and spirits.

Back now at my poor beleaguered (albeit YK2 compliant) machine, I figure
it's as good a time as any to embark on the little project we discussed
before the holidays: the compilation of a 200 title core list of
videos (i.e. NO MOVIES, at least for this round) for a hypothetical library collection (to be included in the forthcoming 2nd ed of my book on video collection development, if we can pull it off).

Here are the rules and concepts I think I'd like to adhere to:

The point of this exercise is to cooperatively develop a short list of best and brightest works of non-feature videos...a tough job, I know, and one fraught with all kinds of pitfalls...but let's giv
Think of this as a from-ground-zero core list for a largish urban public library located in town in which there's also a mid-sized liberal arts college. In other words, we're looking for a collectioHere's the really unrealistic part of the equation: money is no object....BUT, the list should ideally contain a mix of low-to-moderately priced items and higher-priced indie works. There should pr
Obviously, selectivity is going to be important here. I'm looking for between 5 and 25 nominations from each of you...and here's the catch: your list should b
e <underline>annotated</underline> (no
In order for this list to be valid, I think I'm going to need <underline>at least</underline> 10 or 15 participants (the more the better). Please submit your name, working title, and full mailing ad
As Great Editor In the Sky, I will reserve the right to weed duplicate entries, or, in the event that we exceed 200 titles (which I'd love!), to make the final cut.

Before we begin, let me know if I've left something out, or if clarification is needed. I reallllllly hope we can make this work!


Gary Handman


Media Resources Center

Moffitt Library

UC Berkeley 94720-6000



"Everything wants to become television" (James Ulmer -- Teletheory)