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Wed, 12 Jan 2000 17:23:50 -0800 (PST)


I refer a lot to Video Librarian's distributor listing as well as the UC
Media Resources Center distributor listing for addresses and contacts.
The former you know (, the
latter is at

TV Guide (no kidding) sponsors a database based on the estimable Motion
Picture Guide...not as good as the BFI Film Index International or the
new Chadwyk Healey AFI Index, but, hey!, it's free...

I like the Cinemedia site (,
preportedly the largest cinema site on the web. An amazing amount of
stuff related to film, video, and TV (including good links to festival
servers, awards, etc.)

..and finally, how could any respectable video librarian live without
Mr. Cranky (, the complete curmudgeon's film

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<excerpt><smaller>Dear All,


<smaller>We are working on updating our website (including adding over
3,000 back reviews) and I'm trying to put together a "Resources" page. It
occured to me that the list members are probably the most knowedgable
people in the world when it comes to best online resources for video
librarians. So, I'm asking for your favorite bookmarks, those sites you
use most frequently for video-related work. You could answer me directly,
but I suspect the list as a whole would benefit from a grouping of best
sites for video librarians.




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