Re: Audiobook Security Cases

Jim Scholtz (
Wed, 12 Jan 2000 14:08:37 -0800 (PST)

Hi Kirsten, We just shelve our unabridged and abridged audiobooks on wire
rack (video shelving) purchased from Specialty Store Service from Morton
Grove, IL in "live" condition. We also purchase generic cassette boxes
(except for audios leased from Landmark Audio) so that all the ACs are a
standard size/placement of labels, etc is relatively standard. We do have
a 3M/Knogo security strip placed behind the date due adhesive slip (3 in.)
and use a pass around system instead of magnitizing/de-magnitizing the
strip. I realize that the individual cassettes are still subject to theft
but we've not had any problems.

Possibly putting the plastic cases in velcro/zipper hanging bags and
putting the security strip on the bag would deter some (that way the thief
would have to open the bag, open the plastic box and take out the ACs - at
least it would take them additional TIME to STEAL). However, you'd have to
essentially purchase two containers and get new shelving (bag rack shelving
is not necessarily condusive to browsing or space-savings.

My personal choice would be to decide if the amount of theft is sufficient
to warrant these efforts' cost (sometimes administration dictates to a
perceived threat - not a real one) vs. replacement cost and regular
shelving. If it does, then you could use a dummy display or have a list of
titles, use video-one stop, sleeve displays (jackets in a plastic sleeve,
shelved in LP record bin containers, etc. and shelve all ACs in a secure
location - downside, 2 shelving locations and staff time to procure ACs for
patrons as well as purchasing plastic jackets. You could also reorganize
furiture/security gates in AV dept. so that this collection was close to
check-out/help desk, clearly visible to staff and had only one
exit/entrance (maybe not possible if your library has central checkout
facility. I'm interested - how do you handle videos for security and are
they not subject to more theft than ACbooks? (Just a question, not an
accusation or criticism). Hope this helps. Jim Scholtz.

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> Any suggestions? Thanks, Kirsten Corning AV Collection
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