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<< I've had my first request for a compilation video of the Millennium
celebrations aired by the various networks on New Year's eve. The specific
request was for ABC, but news of any other compilation would be greatly
appreciated! It's a bit early for these to be released, but might I put in
a request for notification should anyone hear that they're in the works? >>


Vide-O-Go / That's Infotainment! Multimedia Learning Center has begun
shipment on CNN's "Millennium 2000" ...
"The 2 Best Hours Of CNN's Live Worldwide New Year's Broadcast"

2 hours of highlights of CNN's live 32-hour New Year's Eve program that
covers celebrations and New Year's Day interviews from the world's greatest
cities: Paris, London, Rome, Sydney, New York, Berlin, Los Angeles, Tokyo,
Hong Kong, Madrid, Chicago, Buenos Aires, Moscow, Rio De Janeiro and more!

Suggested Retail Price: $14.95 (Videlib subscribers receive a 15% discount
through Vide-O-Go).

Vide-O-Go Item #T8198

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