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On Mon, 10 Jan 2000 12:33:21 -0800 (PST) Mark Green
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> Hi All,
> OK, I have visited and read about anamorphic vs.
> non-anamorphic. My questions are: do DVDs typically have labels indicating
> whether or not they allow anamorphic playback? Are studios releasing
> different versions on different discs? Or are anamorphic and non-anamorphic
> versions typically contained on the *same* disc. Or, does my questions
> reveal that I haven't understood the distinction?
> Thanks,
> Mark Green
> Simpson College

Mark, this ought to be a simple matter, but it isn't...
just yet.

Some distributors (big and small) clearly list
anamorphically enhanced discs--some in large type, some in
very small. Usually, the notation appears on the back of
the box in phrasing such as "enhanced for widescreen TVs"
or "enhanced for 16X9 TVs". But with distributors like
Warner, you really need to read the fine print down at the
bottom to find it.

One major distributor--Columbia/Tri-Star--does not indicate
that their discs are enhanced. And yet almost all of them
are, with very rare exceptions.

As for releasing both enhanced and non-enhanced widescreen
versions on the same disc--no, this hasn't been done. Where
there's dual versions, it's a Pan-&-Scan and widescreen
(enhanced or not) version on the same disc: sometimes
different sides, sometimes different layers on the same

Ah, consistency!


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