Re: job descriptions for media librarian

Barb Bergman (
Mon, 10 Jan 2000 10:49:10 -0800 (PST)

Ah-ha, finally found my position description (not the original job ad). Now
that I'm done laughing over the part that implies I have a budget with
which to select materials...

Media Librarian
Job Summary:
Under general supervision, performs professional level library work in the
provision of media services for the University's Library.

Essential tasks/ functions:
Manages the Library's media services, including all activities relating to
the operations of the Media Collection (audio-visual unit); assists
students and faculty int he use of media materials;...(stuff about the web
page and multimedia software --the only thing I don't do around here)

Maintains copyright files (meaning our licenses for programs taped off of
PBS satellite)

Performs collection maintenance tasks, such as selecting materials, and
reviewing and weeding the Library's media, curriculm and ciruclating

list of typical librarian duties--professional reading, BI, Reference desk
duty, reports, etc, etc.

Knowledge, Abilities and Skills:
Knowledge of media, audiovisual, and general lbirary procedures and
practices; knowledge of library software and electronic search technology;
knowledge of internet acces and retrieval procedures; knowledge of the
operation of computer terminals and the maintenance of on-line databases.
Ability to work with electronic library reosurces and online library
databases; ability to operate a computer...(digresses into a list of office
skills, work well with others, etc.)

Experience Requirements:
One to two years work in an academic library setting, including experience
with audiovisual materials and knowledge of trends in nonprint media. NOTIS
experience preferred. Use of Internet and presentation and authoring
programs is also preferred.

My salary is entry level. (And much too low to be appropriate for anywhere
in New York, where the cost of living is higher)


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