Re: Couriers vs. UPS

Jim Scholtz (
Sat, 8 Jan 2000 12:28:21 -0800 (PST)

Hi Frank,

I used to work at the Northern Illinois Library System, located in
Rockford, IL. We had 117 libraries of all types (public school, business,
college/university, hospital, etc). We used an in-house van courier
service that went to virtually every library every day - some libraries
were 120 miles away and also interconnected with the van services of 4
contiguous systems for state intersystem ILLs and the state van service.
We had a system AV collection of about 25,000 16mm films, and 10,000 videos
plus framed art, etc. Our booking delivery system worked very smooth -
overdue returnd were very infrequent. We did a survey about 9 years ago
that resulted in killing off the AV collections (actually all IL systems no
longer have any in-house AV collections) and getting smaller vans. We
restructured routes so that we were not visiting every library every day.
We did a cost analysis with UPS and RPS and found that it was way too
expensive to go with UPS - and they would guarentee/insure losses of
specific items. So even with gas, oil, maintenance charges and
employee/driver hiring, with depreciation of vehicles calculated in, our
in-house van service was cheaper and more reliable (in terms of
guarenteeing delivery/return of items). Jim Scholtz, Yankton (SD)
Community Library, Library Director.

At 05:11 PM 1/7/00 -0800, you wrote:
>We are a regional center (Lane ESD) that serves 125 schools in 16 school
>districts. Our courier goes 60 miles to the west, 40+ miles to the east,
>and 30 miles or so to the south. We pick up and deliver to every school on
>an every other day schedule.
>Question posed. Has anybody replaced courier service with UPS on a local
>level? and if so, how did it effect the return of media "on time"; who paid
>for returning via UPS (you or the school); any other comments?
>thanks loads for any comments.
>Frank Landrum
>Lane ESD