Disclaimer statement for reserve items

Jan O'Neil (tconeij@tc.cc.va.us)
Fri, 7 Jan 2000 09:54:48 -0800 (PST)

I am in the process of trying to write a disclaimer statement to have our instructors sign when they put their personal items on reserve. We have one instructor who puts his videos on reserve and then writes notes for some, but not all, of his students to take them home overnight. All use of media by students is in-house use only with the exception of our disabled students who have to get the counselor in charge of our disabled students to check it out on his card. This instructor will not check it out himself for the student and insists that the library will be responsible for replacement if the student damages or doesn't return the videos. I'm planning to write the statement to cover all personal items placed on reserve, not just media.

Do any of you who deal with reserves have a disclaimer statement statement which your instructors sign, and, if so, would you mind sharing it with me as an example. We are a state agency so, even if the student paid for it, we couldn't pass it on to the instructor. You can fax or e-mail a copy to me directly. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me!

Jan O'Neill
Media Librarian
Tidewater Community College
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Virginia Beach VA 23456
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