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In fall of 1998, I did a presentation on new video technologies at the
Wisconsin Library Association conference. I dealt with DVD extensively.
You can ignore what I say about Divx, since it is no longer a viable
format. However, I also included web links to interesting and informative
sites. Take a look at:


See also Walt Crawford's article, "Up to speed on DVD," in _American
Libraries_, September 1999, and Gary Bravy's article, "DVD: The new
library format?" in _C&RL News_ in November 1999. If you are planning to
attend ALA in Chicago, the Video Round Table and the ACRL Media Resources
Committee are co-sponsoring a program on Saturday afternoon, July 8,
2:00-4:00, on digital video, including DVD. Walt Crawford will be our
keynote speaker. We'll send out more information about the program as the
conference approaches.

DVD's a winner and now that the Divx competition is dead, the format
should grow even more rapidly. -- Kris

On Fri, 7 Jan 2000, Jim Mumm wrote:

> I'm unfamiliar with DVD's, and am curious to learn a little bit about
> them.
> Aside from the obvious better clarity issues, I'm wondering what other
> features DVDs offer.
> I'm asking this in part, because I did a Yahoo search on the term DVD,
> and started reading a bit about Regions 1-6, and how some players can
> play all 6 regions (Does this mean that some DVD's can be blocked in
> different areas, or is this a way to more effectively control the
> market?).
> But I'm also interested in being able to converse about DVD issues.
> Does anyone have any background information or a good starting point for
> understanding the basics of DVD technology, what DVD's can do, how they
> are marketed in light of VHS, the future of VHS, etc. etc. etc.?
> Thanks
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