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At the risk of sounding like a broken record (record? what's that), I'm
resending stat from a recent industry analyst report re DVD growth...we
ain't taking about media greyzones anymore, Toto; we be staring at the

Hi folks!

In my frantic desire to justify buying ten new DVD players ("cheapie" Sony
DVP S330's about $250 a pop...if you care), I began nosing around industry
other trade sources in search of indicators of the viability of this
medium. Some interesting stats from an Oct. 18, 1999 Phillips Businss
Information report:

Projected growth of DVD Content and Devices:

DVD Discs in U.S. and Europe for '99 -- 77 million units (sold)
DVD Discs expected by 20002 -- more than 2 billion units (sold)
Worldwide DVD Devices for 99' -- 17 million (sold)(I think this may include
DVD-ROM drives as well as DVD players)
Worldwide DVD Devices expected by 2005 - 144 million (sold)

The August 16, 1999 Phillips report quotes the International Recording
Media Association in its projection that "there will be nearly 25 million
DVD players and a billions discs sold worldwide by 2003

The Phillips report for May 14, 1999 indicated the following projections:

US DVD-ROM Title releases (I think this includes both movies and games?)

1998 - 100
1999 - 750
2000 - 2000
2001 - 4000
2002 - 7000
20003 11,000

At 06:04 AM 01/07/2000 -0800, you wrote:
>I was amazed at Sally Mason Robinson's story about DVD player shopping. I
>had begun to think about adding DVD to our collection, but now am thinking
>it's time to do some information gathering from our library users and get
>more serious about this.
>I talked with my supervisor yesterday about doing a survey among our
>Thought I'd ask:
>1. Do you own a DVD player?
>2. Do you have plans to buy a DVD player in the next six months?
>Anyone else have suggestions on what we should ask?
>Guess I shouldn't have been too surprised by Sally's news. I was at my
>brother's for Christmas and his son who's a student at UVa got a DVD player
>for a present. BTW, if you're listening in, Rick, my brother, who has a
>background in mass communications, was impressed with the Robinson Center
>when he toured on parent's day this fall.
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