DVD Market Penetration

Nancy Miller (nmahonemiller@hotmail.com)
Fri, 7 Jan 2000 06:04:38 -0800 (PST)

I was amazed at Sally Mason Robinson's story about DVD player shopping. I
had begun to think about adding DVD to our collection, but now am thinking
it's time to do some information gathering from our library users and get
more serious about this.

I talked with my supervisor yesterday about doing a survey among our

Thought I'd ask:

1. Do you own a DVD player?

2. Do you have plans to buy a DVD player in the next six months?

Anyone else have suggestions on what we should ask?

Guess I shouldn't have been too surprised by Sally's news. I was at my
brother's for Christmas and his son who's a student at UVa got a DVD player
for a present. BTW, if you're listening in, Rick, my brother, who has a
background in mass communications, was impressed with the Robinson Center
when he toured on parent's day this fall.

Nancy M. Miller
Collection Development Librarian
Virginia Beach Public Library
Virginia Beach, Virginia

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