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As a child growing up in the Philippines (navy brat), I had to do some
tinikling in school assemblies. Two long poles of bamboo are held by two
people who rhythmically bang the poles on the ground and then 'clap' them
together. The dancer bounces in and out of the poles, being careful not to
get an ankle smashed in the process. It is a bit like some sort of
jump-rope dance, though a bit more dangerous!

That said, I don't have a clue as to videos on this.

Buddy Pennington
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Can't come up with a video on tinikling, but you may want to send your
patron to these websites: - a written description of
tinikling as a dance form - a
dancer's description of a tinikling dance, including downloadable video

I remember doing this as a kid, and I have seen some very good
contemporary Filipino dancers.

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On Thu, 6 Jan 2000, suhr, Angie wrote:

> Our patron is looking for a video on Hawaiian folk dance called
> "tininkling."
> The dance was originated in Philippines and it has something to do with
> bamboo. Any clue? Thanks Angie