Re: Date due slips

Lori Stevens (
Wed, 5 Jan 2000 07:13:34 -0800 (PST)

We don't use date slips, we have receipt printers. What are you doing about security? Do you use lock boxes, strip cases and not the disc, or closed stacks?

Lori Stevens
Media Librarian
Utah Valley State College Library
800 W. University Parkway
Orem, Utah 84058

>>> "R. Hertzler" <> 01/04/00 05:50PM >>>
Hey Media types,

We are beginning to loan both DVD's and CD's on 3-day loan, leaving these
materials in their original cases (ie. the familiar plastic jewell boxes
for CD's and the VHS-high/CD-wide cases of DVD's). How have those of you
doing the same dealt with date due slips/stamping? TIA.

Randy Hertzler
Odegaard Undergraduate Library
University of Washington