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Judy Jones (
Mon, 3 Jan 2000 14:33:18 -0800 (PST)

Our collection is fully cataloged; however, it is a "paged"
collection. All of our videos (all materials actually) are
barcoded. Faculty, staff and students all have "OneCards." In
an academic setting we don't feel it is necessary for patrons to
browse the actual collection. They can browse the online
catalog. Sometimes we allow faculty to come behind the scenes
and play in the stacks, tho. Since we have gone to a barcoded
circulation system, our loss rate is very low. The few titles
we declare "missing" during the year we suspicion to be an
"inside job."

Out of a collection of 5,000 video titles, 2500 16mm films, 1200
CDs, 2500 audiocassettes, we declare less than 10-15 total in a
year and most of those are returned empty CD cases.

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For a circulating collection of 5,000 videos,
what is the safest, most effective, but patron friendly
way to prevent loss?

How effective are lock boxes?
Should the security alarm system be the ultimate weapon?
Or must we resort to keeping the entire collection
behind the circ desk, thus preventing patron browsing?

And what after all is an acceptable annual loss rate?
Any feedback would be most appreciated.

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