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Finding Information on the Internet: A Tutorial
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You may pursue the tutorial in a linear way, following the Table of Contents. Or you may skip sections you feel you already know, and start anywhere in the table of contents by clicking on that section. On any page are links to other parts of the tutorial, and to the Glossary for a definition of specialized terms you may encounter.

What's unique about this tutorial?

This tutorial grew out of the experience of the Teaching Library at UC Berkeley, beginning in 1995, in offering workshops on using the Internet's resources to find information. From this experience we came to believe that the investment of time to learn to effectively and efficiently find information on the Internet using complex search strategies is worthwhile. You can have confidence in your search results (if you evaluate everything you find) and learn ways to refine and focus your searches.

The tutorial was developed by Joe Barker, who retired from the University of California in June 2007. It is being continued by Cody Hennesy, E-Learning Librarian.

This is one of the most heavily used and linked-to tutorials on web searching in the world. Portions of this website have been translated into Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Hebrew, Chinese, and other languages. We often receive requests for permission to use or adapt this material. We grant use of these materials for non-commercial purposes, as long as credit is given to the University of California, Berkeley Library. For more information, see the license statement below.

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