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Mentoring Opportunities within the
UC Berkeley Libraries

Circulation Services Staff Mentoring Program
New circulation staff employees are paired with two circulation staff members to assist in the circulation system learning process and help familiarize new library employees with the library system.

LAUC-B Librarian Mentor Program
The Librarians' Association of the University of California, Berkeley (LAUC-B) Mentor program serves to welcome newly hired librarians, to assist them in the peer review process, and to help them get involved with LAUC. Contact a Library Representative on the LAUC-B Executive Committee.

Staff Mentorship Program
The purpose of the Staff Mentorship Program at the UC Berkeley Libraries is to match interested staff to experienced librarians and/or professional library staff who will provide useful advice for success in the field and job prospects.

Staff Summer Conference Mentorship Program
Library and Affiliated Library staff can request to be matched with a UCB librarian to assist them in navigating the conference, meeting other conference attendees, and discussing career goals.

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