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Classification Committee, UCB Library

As of July 1, 2012:
The Classification Committee will sunset; an ad hoc group will be created when there are significant recruitment, reclassification, or classifications reviews of Library Assistant series positions.

Due to the ongoing campusí Career Compass project, the Library Classification Committee will be on temporary hiatus from regular quarterly meetings beginning July 1, 2008 through the completion of the Career Compass mapping process. However, the current Committee has volunteered to make recommendations for complete packets submitted to LHRD for CUE represented positions. A new committee will be appointed and trained when the Career Compass mapping process is complete.

A temporary pause in the reclassification of PPSM staff* positions [non-represented, non-academic positions] effective since June 30, 2007, will continue to be in effect through January 1, 2009.

Reclassifications for CUE represented staff** will continue to be accepted until further notice from OHR Compensation & Classification. REMINDER: Library reclassification requests must have AUL/Admin approval prior to submission to LHRD. Affiliated libraries are exempt from this requirement.

*LAIII-Supervisor; LAIV-Supervisor; LAV

Revised Charge approved by Cabinet, July 3, 2003:
(original document dated June 27, 2002)

  1. Advises and reports directly to the Director of Library Human Resources, who is the individual in the Library with the delegated authority by the campus Office of Human Resources and retains final authority for the classification of positions into the classifications of Clerk, Senior Clerk, and Library Assistant I through Library Assistant V. The Committee is charged with reviewing career staff personnel positions in the Library that are proposed for reclassification to the level of Library Assistant III, IV or V. Supervisor designations are determined by the Library Human Resources Department. A Library Assistant position with a proposed change from one level to another level with the additional Supervisor designation (i.e. LAII to LA III-Supervisor) would be reviewed by the Committee for classification and then would be reviewed by Library Human Resources Department for the Supervisor designation attribution.
  2. The primary purpose of the Committee's review shall be to ensure equity across staff personnel classifications within the Library Assistant series and to ensure equity in the reclassification process across all positions held within the Library.
  3. The Committee may make recommendations to the Director of Library Human Resources to improve the methods and procedures of reviewing or processing reclassification requests.
  4. The Committee may propose to the Director of Library Human Resources a review of specific jobs and/or job groups and review the accuracy of job specifications on a biennial basis.
  5. During the Committee's review process, only the job duties of that position are relevant to the reclassification process--the individual employed in that position or his/her performance in that position is not pertinent to the review.

Membership: Term: staggered three years    Committee year: July - June

Demographics and organization:

  1. The Committee will have seven appointed members, and five shall serve as a quorum. The Committee Chair will make a call for new members each year. The Committee shall convene to discuss nominations and make its membership recommendation to the Director of Library Human Resources. The Director of Library Human Resources shall make appointments to the Committee. At least two appointees shall be career employees in the Library Assistant Series at level III and above. Not more than two members of the Committee shall be appointees in the Librarian series. One member shall be from an Affiliated Library. One member shall be a Library employee not in either the Library Assistant Series or the Librarian series. Every attempt shall be made to have a broad representation from all Library function groups. The Director of Library Human Resources will serve as a regular but non-voting member of the Committee.
  2. One-third of the appointed membership on the Committee shall rotate each year so that appointments to the Committee shall be for a three-year period. Terms of initial appointees shall be staggered, with three having one-year terms.
  3. The Committee shall elect its own chair to serve for one year, but the Committee may extend the Chair's term from year to year at its discretion. The Chair shall be a regular voting member of the Committee and shall preside over the meetings.
  4. Material presented to the Committee and all Committee deliberations are to be dealt with in strictest confidence. Any violation of confidentiality will result in dismissal from the Committee.

Chair: John Ceballos (Art/History Classics Library) (on demand)

June Ramirez (Ex Officio, Campus Human Resources)
Susan Wong (Ex Officio, Library Human Resources)
Gisèle Binder (Media Resources) (term ends June 2009)
Robert Talbott (Library Technical Services) (term ends June 2009)
Trina Pundurs (Library Technical Services) (on demand)
Deborah Sommer (Environmental Design Library) (on demand)


  1. The Committee shall establish a regular meeting schedule. The Library Human Resources Department will review all packets received for completeness. All classification requests with completed packets received in Library Human Resources Department no later than ten business days prior to the quarterly meeting will be reviewed at that meeting. Subsequent requests will be held over until the next meeting. The Committee may schedule additional meetings, and meetings may be canceled if there is no business.
  2. The Library Human Resources Department will prepare confidential packets for distribution to individual committee members containing all appropriate materials for review by the Committee. The Committee Chair shall notify all staff, LHRD, and members of meeting dates and packet submission deadlines; coordinate activities of the Committee; maintain records, schedule audits; and distribute materials to the members no later than five business days prior to the regularly scheduled meetings.
  3. During deliberations, Committee members shall ask questions of or may ask for clarification on policies from the Director of Library Human Resources. The discussion of positions should be held in the order of the receipt of the reclassification request in the Library Human Resources Department.
  4. In the event that the position held by a member of the Committee is proposed by his/her supervisor for reclassification, that member shall not participate in the portion of the meeting at which his/her position is being considered. In the event that a member of the Committee is in the direct line of supervision of a person whose job description is being considered by the Committee, that member shall not participate in the recommendations of his/her supervisor's or supervisee's case.
  5. The Committee may request from the immediate supervisor, the unit head, the department head, or others, additional written or verbal information about the job in order to assist the Committee in reaching its recommendations.
  6. Members of the Committee may participate in worksite audits for units other than their own.
  7. The Committee's recommendations and supporting documentation will be provided to the Director of Library Human Resources. The Director of Library Human Resources will add, in a timely manner, his/her signature stating agreement or disagreement, and proceed to process the Committee's and his/her recommendations and supporting documentation packet in the Library Human Resources Department under appropriate personnel, mandated compensation and salary, and labor relations policies and procedures. The Committee's letter will become part of the employee's personnel file and would be available to Campus Compensation upon appeal.
  8. The Library Human Resources Department will send initial notification of the classification decision within five business days to both the employee and his/her supervisor with copies to the respective Associate University Librarian, Department Head, campus Compensation Manager, and campus Labor Relations, if applicable.
  9. When a reclassification request has been denied or classification level is disputed by an employee, the employee may file an appeal with the campus Office of Human Resources within 30 days of receipt of the decision in accordance with applicable staff policies and bargaining unit agreements. The Library liaison from Campus Compensation will review the case and make a final decision. The Committee will be notified of the final decision.

Email list: lcc@lists.berkeley.edu

Meeting schedule: at least quarterly, more frequently if necessary.

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