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On view at Doe Library from April 1: Hidden Treasures of Berkeley’s South Asian & Southeast Asian Special Collections

Hidden Treasures image The South Asian and Southeast Asian special collections housed across the University of California libraries are considered to be the finest and most comprehensive west of the Mississippi. An exhibit in the Doe Library’s Bernice Layne Brown Gallery from April 1 to August 31, 2013 will highlight some of the treasures found in the South/Southeast Asia Library and throughout the University of California library system.

Gems from the South Asian collections include an illuminated 16th century Jaina manuscript; early classical works in Hindi, Urdu, Sanskrit and other languages; photographs and materials from the Indian independence movement, the Northern California-based Gadar Party and the wider South Asian diaspora; and colorful popular fiction of the region, from comics to novellas.

Southeast Asian special collections displayed include popular Indonesian serial fiction, a replica of the Vietnamese imperial proclamation of the 10th century, selected Khmer, Pali and Thai palm leaf manuscripts, and materials on the Philippines and East Timor.

The exhibit retraces over a century of special collections acquisitions in arts, humanities and social sciences that represent a rich cultural and intellectual legacy for the South Asian and Southeast Asian community at Berkeley and beyond.

Co-sponsored by the Center for South Asia Studies, the Center for Southeast Asia Studies, and the Department of South & Southeast Asian Studies. Curated by the staff of the South/Southeast Asia Library: Christiana Cuellar, Adnan Malik, Virginia Shih, and Vanessa Tait.

Congratulations to the Library Prizewinners!

UC Berkeley undergraduates are eligible to submit their research each year for a Library Prize, a program which attracts the very best undergraduate papers from courses taught in departments across the campus. The prize recognizes excellence in undergraduate research projects that show evidence of significant inquiry using the library, its resources, and collections, and learning about the research and information-gathering process itself.

Kashi Gomez on the GangaWe'd like to especially congratulate Kashi Gomez of the Department of South and Southeast Asian Studies, who won the prize for her honors thesis: "Where Upside Down is Right Side Up: A Study of Ksemendra’s Narmamālā and His Theory of Aucitya." (Photo at right: Kashi Gomez on the Ganga.)




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