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Newspapers & Magazines

To find periodicals published by unions, search Pathfinder using the name of the union as a corporate author. In addition to newspapers, newsletters, magazines and journals published by individual unions, there is a wealth of regional labor newspapers published by county central labor councils and county building trades councils. Here are lists of California Regional Labor Newspapers, U.S. Labor Newspapers (Outside California) and International Labor Periodicals.

Constitutions & Bylaws, Convention Proceedings, Officers Reports

Constitutions and bylaws can be useful in tracing the history of individual unions, the evolution of their structure and concerns. Convention proceedings and officers' reports are generally the most widely distributed record of the year-by-year activities and concerns of the unions. UC Berkeley catalogs most of these as "serials"; to find them, search OskiCat using the name of the union as corporate author and limit by "journal titles." The Library also holds these major microform collections of constitutions, bylaws and convention proceedings.

American labor unions' constitutions, proceedings, officers' reports and supplementary documents.
NewsMicro MICROFICHE 10437 1982//
NewsMicro MICROFICHE 10438 1985-1998
Guide to the collection: GSSI HD6508 .A541 BOUND 1986; NewsMicro HD6508 .A541 1986

Labor union constitutions and proceedings.
NewsMicro MICROFILM 2007 HD pt.1:1(1836)-197(1975); pt.2:1(1836)-234(1979)//
NewsMicro MICROFILM 2537 1975-1981//

State labor proceedings : AFL, CIO, and AFL-CIO conventions, 1885-1974 :
Phase I, state labor proceedings in the AFL-CIO Library
NewsMicro MICROFICHE.580
Guide to the collection: IIRL HD8055.A6 F55; NewsMicro HD8055.A55 F55, NRLF B 3 938 826



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