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Labor Organization Publications
Unpublished Materials

Labor History Materials
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The Doe Library has collected labor studies material since the late 19th century, and has a strong collection of books, periodicals, pamphlets, newspapers and government documents.

The Bancroft Library holds mostly pre-1900 materials relating to labor history in California and the West, including unpublished materials such as organizational records, personal papers, photographs and oral histories.

The Business and Economics Library collects contemporary labor studies materials, focusing particularly on labor relations, labor economics and workplace issues.

The Institute of Industrial Relations Library is a small, specialized library that focuses on contemporary labor relations.


  • Reference Works: Finding Primary and Secondary Sources | Periodical Indexes | Print Bibliographies | Encyclopedias, Dictionaries and Handbooks | Film & Video | Key Histories
  • Labor Organization Publications: Newspapers & Magazines | Constitutions & Bylaws, Convention Proceedings, Officers Reports
  • Unpublished Materials: Archival Records | Oral histories

Please note: materials that were formerly part of the UC Berkeley's Labor Union Collection may be searched by the uniform title "Labor Union Collection" in the online catalogs Pathfinder and Melvyl. Thanks to Bill Whitson for compiling the original version of this guide.



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