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Listed below are UC Berkeley faculty and staff who have already worked in 
Vietnam with local scholars, students, researchers, and policy makers, or
have expressed strong interest in doing so. The list includes their
discipline, position, areas of professional interest, and primary locations
of prior research.
Professor Pranab Bardhan (Economist, Department of Economics) 
agrarian institutions; labor arrangements; land tenure;market systems; 
state policies.  Extended research in South Asia; has visited Vietnam.
Professor Robert Bea (Engineer, Department of Civil Engineering)
petroleum engineering, pollution control.  Extended research and consulting 
in energy projects in Gulf of Thailand, now initiating work on Vietnam.
Professor Robert Cevero (City and Regional Planning)
infrastructure development, urban management, finance, central-local fiscal 
reforms, and planning for decentralized development.  Extended research and 
program and policy advising in Indonesia.  Has visited Vietnam.
Professor John Connelly (Historian, Department of History) 
higher education systems and reform in state-centric societies now shifting to 
market economics.  Extensive research in Eastern Europe, preliminary research 
on higher educational reform in Vietnam.
Professor Alain de Janvry (Economist, Department of Agricultural and Resource
economics of farm household behavior; agrarian institutions; transaction costs
and social differentiation; land tenure and land reform.  Extended research in
Brazil, Ecuador, and Latin America.  Has taught in Vietnam.

Professor David Dowall (City and Regional Planning) 
urban development, infrastructure, land use and land markets, physical planning, 
policy options.  Twenty years experience in urban development projects in 25 
countries including Indonesia, Taiwan, China, Russia, Hungary, etc.  Initially 
engaged with "Saigon South" project.
Professor Dieter Ernst (Economist, Berkeley Roundtable on International
foreign direct investment, regional competition and complementarities,
development policies and institutions, Asian electronics industries.  Extended
research on information technology planning and prospects in Vietnam.
Professor Peter Evans (Sociologist, Department of Sociology) 
Industrial organization and policy, state industry relations, political economy 
of development, multinational and hi-tech industries.  Extended research in 
Brazil and initial research in Vietnam.
Professor Louise Fortmann (Rural Sociologist, Department of Environmental
Science, Policy, and Management) 
rural development, social forestry, macro and micro environmental policy.
Major research experience in southern Africa.
Professor Gillian Hart (Economist, Department of Geography) 
agrarian dynamics; labor arrangements; economic, political, and gender
differentiation; local, regional, national linkages; alternative development
theories and models. Extended research in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Bangladesh,
and preliminary research in Vietnam.
Dr. Patrick Hayashi (Education, Associate Vice-Chancellor for Admissions and
comparative higher education, university management, finance, planning, policy,
and organization.  Preliminary research on higher educational reform in Vietnam.

Professor Emeritus Richard Holton (Economics, School of Business) 
extended experience training Asian business leaders and continuing contacts
throughout Southeast Asia.  Several visits to Vietnam.
Professor James Matisoff (Linguistics, Department of Linguistics) 
upland ethnic groups, minority-majority relations, social institutions, and
change. Extended research in Thailand and on Sino-Tibetan languages and

Dr. Gary Matkin (Education, Associate Dean, University Extension) 
university finance, governance, administration, and innovation.  Extended
international and comparative experience.
Professor Nicholas Mills (Entomologist, College of Natural Resources) 
sustainable agriculture, pest problems, biological control agents and practices.  
Has a post-doctoral student working in Vietnam.
Professor Richard Norgaard (Economist, Energy and Resources Group)
ecosystem analysis; forest development and conservation; institutions and
technologies for sustainable development; alternative energy supplies;
international agency policies.  Extended research in Latin America and Asia.
Has conducted several training, research, and project development missions,
most recently on environmental economics, in Vietnam.
Professor Michael O'Hare (Economist, School of Public Policy) 
local and regional government, environmental policies and innovations,
community participation. Extended international experience.
Professor Malcom Potts (Demography, School of Public Health) 
population, family planning, health policies.  Extended international
experience, has been conducting research on innovative family planning methods
in Vietnam.
Dr. Ibrahim Poroy (Economist, Visiting Professor, International and Area
finance, development planning, Export Processing Zones, industrial policy and
development. Extensive research experience in Africa, the Middle East and Asia.
Has visited Vietnam.

Professor Robert Reed (Geographer, Department of Geography) 
secondary urbanization, marketing, tourism, settlement patterns; urban-rural 
linkages; environmental transformation and degradation.  Extended research in 
Philippines, elsewhere in Southeast Asia, and in Vietnam.
Professor Jeff Romm (Economist, Department of Environmental Science, Policy,
and Management) 
natural resource and development policy and institutions;
local-regional-national interactions; basic- and market-region dynamics.
Extended research on Thailand, Philippines, India, and Vietnam.
Dr. Elisabeth Sadoulet (Economist, Department of Agricultural and Resource
economics of farm household behavior; agrarian institutions; transaction costs
and social differentiation; land tenure and land reform.  Extended research on
Latin America.  Has taught in Vietnam.
Dr. David Szanton (Anthropologist, Executive Director, International and Area
small-scale business organization; entrepreneurship; production and marketing
systems; craft traditions; social differentiation.  Extended research on
Philippines.  Numerous project planning visits to Vietnam.

Professor Michael Watts (Geography, Director, Institute of International
agrarian institutions and reform, macro-economic policies and local dynamics, 
industrial policies, labour, and environmental change.  Extended research and
publications on Africa and economic development.  Has conducted research in and 
written on Vietnam.
Professor Peter Zinoman (Historian, Director CIEE Program in Hanoi, UCB
Department of History as of 8/95) 
colonial institutions, Vietnamese society and culture, contemporary
politics, literature.  Several years research and residence in Vietnam.  
Fluent in Vietnamese.
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