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The almanac of women and minorities in world politics / Mart Martin.
Boulder, Colo. : Westview Press, 2000. 
	UCB  DREF   HQ1236; .M347 2000

Bibliography of Asian studies.
Ann Arbor, Mich. : Association for Asian Studies, 1957
	UCB   MAIN   DS503.1.F3
	UCB   SSEA    DS511.A12.B6 REF
		Library has:  1956-1991
Also available, for currently enrolled U.C. Berkeley students, faculty and staff, is a searchable web-base 
version of Bibliography of  Asian Studies  (UCB Only) 

Bannanukrom dan satri suksa 2524-2533 = women's studies bibliographies, 1981-1990.
Bangkok : National Women's Information Center, National Commission on Women's Affairs, 
	UCB   SSEA   HQ1750.55.B25 1995  REF

Changing roles and statuses of women in Thailand : a documentary assessment
/ Bencha Yoddumnern-Attig ... [et al.].  Nakhonpathom, Thailand : Institute
of Population and Social Research, Mahidol University, 1992.
	UCB   MAIN   HQ1750.55 .C43 1992

Chronology of women worldwide : people, places & events that shaped women's history
/ Lynne Brakeman, editor ; Susan Gall, managing editor.
Detroit, Mich. : Gale Research, c1997 [i.e. 1996] 
	UCB  DREF    HQ1121; .C617 1997
Compendium of social statistics and indicators, 
1988 = Recueil destatistiques et d'indicateurs sociaux, [1988] / Department of International 
Economic and Social Affairs = Departement des affairs economiques...  New York : United Nations, 1991.
	 UCB   GOVT REFE   HN25 .C6 1988 

The Penguin atlas of women in the world  / Joni Seager.  3rd ed., completely rev. and updated.  
New York : Penguin Books, , [c2003].
	UCB   DOE REFE   G1046.E1.S4 2003 

Statistical record of women worldwide / Linda Schmittroth, editor.  2nd ed.
New York : Gale Research, c1995.
	UCB   DOE REFE   HQ1150.S73    Gov/Stat
		 Library has:  BOUND 1995(2)
	UCB   MAIN   HQ1150.S73   
		Library has:  BOUND 1995(2)
Status of women : Thailand / prepared by Vitit Muntarbhorn, Wimolsiri
Jamnarnvej, Tanawadee Boonlue.  Bangkok : Unesco Principal Regional Office
for Asia and the Pacific, 1990.
	UCB   MAIN   HQ1750.55 .S74 1990

Thailand : country file.  Kuala Lumpur : Asian and Pacific Development
Centre, [1993].
	UCB   MAIN   HC445 .A742 1993 v. 1-2 (1993)
Women in developing countries : a selected, annotated bibliography for development organisations
 / by Janet Townsend.  Sussex : Institute of Development Studies, [1988].
	UCB   MAIN   HQ1870.9.A12 T693 1988

Women in development : a resource guide for organization and action / ISIS Women's International 
Information & ... Philadelphia : New Society Publishers, c1984.
	UCB   MAIN   HQ1870.9.W655 1984

Women in development : a selected, annotated bibliography and resource guide / prepared by 
Linda Gire Vavrus with Ron Cadieux and the staffof the Non-Formal Education Information Center.  
East Lansing, Mich. : Non-Formal Education Information Center, Institute for International 
Studies in Education, Michigan State University, 1980.
	UCB   MAIN   HQ1870.9.A12 .V38

Women in development : bibliography on the advancement of women and essay on women's studies, 
with focus on South and ... / edited by Basundhara Dhungel.  Bangkok, Thailand : Division of 
Human Settlements Development, Asian Institute of Technology, 1988.
	UCB   SSEA   HQ1735.3.B37 1988  REF

Women in Southeast Asia : a bibliography / Fan Kok-Sim.  Boston, Mass. : G.K. Hall, c1982.
	UCB   DOE REFE   HQ1745.8.A12.F35  
	UCB   SSEA   HQ1745.8.A12.F35 REF

Women in Thailand : a country profile.
New York : United Nations, 1998.
	UCB   SSEA   HQ1750.55.W665 1998a  REF
Women in the economy : a select annotated bibliography of Asia and Pacific / compiled by 
Vanita Nayak-Mukherjee.  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia : Asian and Pacific Development Centre ; Pinelands, 
St. Michael, Barbados : DAWN, 1991.
	UCB   SSEA   HQ1726.A12.W66 1991  REF

Women in the Third World : a directory of resources / compiled and edited by Thomas P. 
Fenton and Mary J. Heffronn.  Maryknoll, N.Y. : Orbis Books, c1987.    	
	UCB   SSEA   HQ1870.9.A12.F461 1987  REF
Women in the Third World : a historical bibliography / Pamela R. Byrne, Suzanne R. Ontiveros, 
editors.  Santa Barbara, Calif. : ABC-Clio Information Services, c1986.
	UCB   MAIN   HD1870.8.A12 W651 1986

Women in the Third World : a reference handbook / Karen L. Kinnear.  Santa Barbara, Calif. : ABC-CLIO, 
	UCB   MAIN   HQ1870.9.K58 1997
Women in the Third World : an encyclopedia of contemporary issues  / editor, Nelly P. 
Stromquist ; assistant editor, Karen Monkman.  New York : Garland Pub., 1998.
	UCB   DOE REFE   HQ1870.9.W6548 1998

Women's legal position in Thailand.
[Chiang Mai] : Women's Studies Program, Faculty of Social Sciences, Chiangmai University, 1991.
	UCB   MAIN   JQ1749.A15.W6 1991Women studies abstracts.[Rush, N.Y., Rush Pub. Co.]
	UCB   MAIN   HQ1101.W65
		Library has:  BOUND v.1(1972)-28 (1999)

Also available, for currently enrolled U.C. Berkeley students, faculty and staff, is a searchable web-base 
version of Women Studies International  (UCB Only)

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General Works

Calling in the soul : gender and the cycle of life in a Hmong village / Patricia V. Symonds. Seattle : University of Washington Press, 2004. UCB MAIN DS570.M5.S95 2004 Changing roles and statuses of women in Thailand : a documentary assessment / Bencha Yoddumnern-Attig ... [et al.]. Nakhonpathom, Thailand : Institute of Population and Social Research, Mahidol University, 1992. UCB MAIN HQ1750.55.C43 1992 A collection of articles on women in the Thai environmental movement / complied [sic] by Virada Somswasdi and Kathleen Corrigan. [Chiang Mai] : Foundation for Women, Law and Rural Development : Women's Studies Center, Faculty of Social Sciences, Chaing [sic] Mai University, 2005. UCB MAIN GE195.9; .C65 2005 International Conference on Thai Studies (1984 : Bangkok, Thailand) Customs and tradition ; The role of Thai women / by Thai Studies Progam, Chulalongkorn University with the cooperation of nine other universities. [Bangkok] : The University, 1984. UCB MAIN DS568 .I57 1984 Family life in a Northern Thai village : a study in the structural significance of women / Sulamith Heins Potter. Berkeley : University of California Press, c1977. UCB ANTH GN635.T4P68 UCB SSEA GN635.T4P68 Gender and slum culture in urban Asia / Susanne Thorbek. London ; Atlantic Highlands, N.J. : Zed Books, 1994. UCB SSEA HQ1735.8.Z9.C64137 1994 UCB MAIN HQ1735.8.Z9.C64137 1994 Gender issues in Thailand development / by Suteera Thomson. [Bangkok] : Gender and Development Research Institute, 1991. UCB MAIN HD6060.65.T5 T48 1991 The Lioness in bloom : modern Thai fiction about women / translated, edited, and with an introduction by Susan Fulop Kepner. Berkeley : University of California Press, c1996. UCB MAIN PL4208.L56 1996 UCB MOFF PL4208.L56 1996 Night market : sexual cultures and the Thai economic miracle / Ryan Bishop and Lillian S. Robinson. New York : Routledge, 1998. UCB ANTH HQ242.55.A5.B57 1998 UCB MAIN HQ242.55.A5.B57 1998 The role of women in slum improvement : a comparative study of the squatter settlements at Klong Toey and Wat Yai Sri Suphan .../ Assadullah Shahand. Bangkok : Division of Human Rights Development, Asian Institute of Technology, 1986. UCB MAIN HN700.55.B35.S474 1986 Thai women in the global labor force : consuming desires, contested selves / Mary Beth Mills. New Brunswick, N.J. : Rutgers University Press, c1999. UCB ANTH HD6192.55.M55 1999 UCB MAIN HD6192.55.M55 1999 Thailand : Buddhism, society, and women / Alexandra R. Kapur-Fic. New Delhi : Abhinav Publications, 1998. UCB MAIN BQ4960.T4.K36 1998 Voices from the city : women of Bangkok / Susanne Thorbek. London ; Atlantic Highlands, N.J. : Zed Books, 1987. UCB SSEA HQ1750.55.Z9.B3581 1987 UCB MAIN HQ1750.Z9.B3581 1987 Women and politics in Thailand : options for the 1990s / by Suteera Thomson, Sheila Thomson. [Bangkok] : Gender and Development Research Institute, [1994?]. UCB MAIN HQ1236.5.T5.T56.1994 Women, gender relations, and development in Thai society / edited by Virada Somswasdi & Sally Theobald. [Chiang Mai] : Women's Studies Center, Faculty of Social Sciences, Chiang Mai University, 1997. UCB MAIN HQ1750.55.W66 1997 Library has: v.1-2 (1997) Women in politics in Thailand / Kazuki Iwanaga. Lund : Lund University, 2005. UCB MAIN HQ1236.5.T5; I93 2005 Women's right to a political voice in Thailand : millennium development goal 3 : promote gender equality and empower women / [principal editor, Peter Stalker].<2006> Bangkok : United Nations Development Programme, c2006. UCB MAIN HQ1236.5.T5; W66 2006
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Journal Articles

Attack of the Widow Ghosts: Gender, Death, and Modernity in Northeast Thailand / Mary 
Beth Mills.
	IN: Bewitching Women, Pious Men: Gender and Body Politics in Southeast Asia / 
	edited by Aihwa Ong ; Michael G. Peletz, 1995, p. 244-73.

"Because they want nice things" : prostitution, consumerism and culture in Thailand / Leslie
	Atlantis, v. 26:2, 2002, p. 4-13.
"Of consorts and harlots in Thai popular history / Lysa Hong. 
	Journal of Asian Studies, v.57:2, May 1998, p. 333-353.

Contesting the margins of modernity : women, migration and consumption in Thailand / Mary Beth Mills.
	American Ethnologist, v. 24:1, Feb 1997, p. 37-61. 

Cultural shareability, archetypes and television soaps: 'Oshindrome' in Thailand /
Arvind Singhal ; Kant Udornpim.
	Gazette, v.59:3, 1997, p. 171-88

Dancing for spirits : Lakhon Chatri performers from Petchaburi province
	Journal fo the Siam Society, v. 80:2, 1992, p. 105-112.
Development of a female wage labour force in Thailand / Malcolm Falkus.
	Asian Studies Review, v.24:2, June 2000, p. 175-194.

Differences in assessments of forest adequacy among women in Northern Thailand / Mark
Flaherty and Anchalee Jengjalern
	Journal of Developing Areas, v.29:2, Jan 1995, p. 237-254. 

Female migrant labor : a case study of Filipino and Thai domestic workers in Rome, Italy / 
Angkarb P. Korsieporn. 
	Asian Review, v.3, 1989, p. 54-68.

From temporary wife to prostitute: sexuality and economic change in early modern Southeast 
Asia / Barbara Watson Andaya.
	Journal of Women's History, v.9:4, Winter 1998, p. 11-34. 

Economic interactions of migrants and their households of origin : are women more 
reliable supporters? / Keiko Osaki. 
	Asian and Pacific Migration Journal, v. 8:4, 1999, p. 447-471.
God mothers, good mothers, good lovers, Godmothers : Gender images in Thailand / James 
S. Ockey.
	Journal of Asian Studies, v.58:4, Nov 1999, p. 1033-1058

The ideology of feminity in 'Satrisarn' magazine / Chanokporn Angsuviriya. 
	Tai Culture : Interdisciplinary Tai Studies, no. 19, 2006, p. 146-155.
In the night market:  Tourism, sex, and commerce in contemporary Thailand / Ryan Bishop ; 
Lillian S. Robinson.
	Women's Studies Quarterly, v.27:1/2, Spring/Summer 1999, p. 32-52.

Increase in household income and status and activities of rural women in Thailand.  
	Cirdap Development Digest, v.71, March 1998, p. 17

Into the light: The Thai lesbian movement takes a step forward / Andrew Matzner.   
	Women in Action, v.98:3, p. 74-77. 

The liberated woman in three cultures : marital role preferences in Thailand, India 
and the United States / Harry W. Gardiner, U.P. Singh and Donald E. D'Orazio. 
	Human Organization, V.33:4, 1974, p. 105-112.

Localizing the universal : women, motherhood adn the appeal of early Theravada
Buddhism / Barbara Watson Andaya. 
	Tai Culture : Interdisciplinary Tai Studies, no. 19, 2006, p. 12-43.
Make money not babies: changing status markers of northern Thai women / 				
Marjorie A. Muecke.
	Asian Survey, v.24, Apr 1984, p. 459-470

The Madonna and the Whor-e. Self/ Other Tensions in the Portrayal of the Prostitute by 
Contemporary Thai Female Authors / Peter Jackson and Nerida Cook.
	IN: Genders and Sexualities in Contemporary Thailand / edited by Peter Jackson and 
	Nerida Cook, 2000, p. 168-190

Migrant Thai women subjected to slavery-like abuse in Japan / K.A. Dinan. 
	Violence Against Women, v.8:9, 2002, p. 1113-1139.
Mother or mistress, but never a monk : BUddhist notions of female gender in rural Thailand 
/ C. Keyes.
	American Ethnologist, v. 11:2, 1984, p. 223-241.	

Motherhood Redefined: Women's Choices on Family Rituals and Reproduction
in the Peripheries of Thailand / Yoko Hayami. 
	SOJOURN: Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia, v.13:2, Oct 1998, p. 242 (1 page).

Nature and gender in Theravada Buddhism / Sandra Bell. 
	IN: Sacred Custodians of the Earth : women, spirituality and the environment,edited by 
	Alaine Low and Soraya Tremayne. New York : Berghahn Books, 2001, p. 175-193

New generation : missionary education and changes in women's roles in traditional northern
Thai society / Herbert R. Swanson.
	Sojourn, v.3:2, 1988, p. 187-206. 
Palace women at the margins of social change : an aspect of the politics of social history
in the reign of King Chulalongkorn / Hong Lysa. 
	Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, v.30:2, Sept 1999, p. 310-324 

Political handicap: few women choose to enter public life. (Thailand) / Rodney Tasker.
	Far Eastern Economic Review, v.158:28, July 13, 1995, p. 18 (2 pages).

Policy lessons from Lao and Hmong women in Thai refugee camps / Dia Cha ; Cathy A. Small.
	World Development, v.22:7, July 1994, p. 1045 (15 pages).

The power of women's decisions : textiles in Tai Dam and Thai-Lao Threavada Buddhist funerals / 
H. Leedom Lefferts, Jr. 
	Southeast Asian Journal of Social Science, v.21:2, 1993, p. 111-129

Prostitution in Thailand : perceptions and realities / Alyson Bordy. 
	IN: International approached to prostitution : law and policy in Europe and Asia, edited by 
	Geetanjali Gangoli and Nichole Westmarland. Bristol, England : Policy Press, 2006, p. 185-207.
Ordering the world : chat of central Thailand / Penny Van Esterik .
	Southeast Asian Journal of Social Science, v.24:1, 1996, p. 120-130

Religious position of Buddhist women in Thailand / Dabilsingh Catsumarn. 
	IN: Buddhist Ethics and Modern Society : an international symposium, edited by Charles 
	Wei-hsun Fu and Sandra A. Wawrytko.  New York : Greenwood Press, 1991, p. 259-264. 
Remembering Conquest: Religion, Colonization and Sexual Violence: a Thai Experience / Natawan 
Boonprasat Lewis.
	Journal of Religion & Abuse, v.1:2, 1999, p. 5.

Rural and indigenous women speak out on the impact of globalization / G. Kelkar.
	Gender, Technology and Development, v.2:3, Sep-Dec 1998, p. 457-461.

Sex preference for children in Thailand and some other South-East Asian countries /
K. Wongboonsin and V.P. Ruffolo. 
	Asia-Pacific Population Journal, v. 10:3, Sept 1995, p. 43-62. 
Skilled craftswomen or cheap labour?  Craft-based NGO projects as an alternative to female 
urban migration in northern Thailand / Rachel Humphreys.  
	Gender and Development, v.7:2, July 1999, p. 56-63.  

Social and cultural constraints on modern Thai women / Somporn Varnado. 
	IN: Gender and culture in literature in film East and West : issues of perception and 
	interpretation, edited by Nitaya Masavisut, et al. University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI : 
	University of Hawaii Press, 1994, p. 75-82. 	

Stretching the family budget : tourism and ethnic identity among the Padaung, Karen,
Northern Thailand / Stephen Sparkes. 
	Nordic Newsletter of Asian Studies, no. 1, May 1996, p. 7-9

Sweatshop Barbie : exploitations of Third World labor / Anton Foek. 
	The Humanist, v.57:12, Jan/Feb 1997, p. 9-13. 	

Thailand: building a women-led union. (Transcript)
	WIN News, v.19:3, Summer 1993 p. 57 (1 page).

The Thai parliamentary election 2005 : a gendered perspective on democracy and political 
parties / Elin Bjarnegard. 
	NIASnytt, no. 2, Jul 2006, p. 10-12.
Thai women in the novels of women novelists / Sajaphan Ruentruethai ; Suchitra Congsavitvatana. 
	Tenggara, v.25, 1990, p. 116-119. 	

Unequal struggle. (women's role in Thai Buddhism) / Paul Handley. 
	Far Eastern Economic Review, v.153:27, July 4, 1991, p. 24 (2 pages).

Women, common property resoruces and livestock husbandry in Thai villages / Tatiana Kehren.
	International Journal of Social Economics / v. 26:1-3, 1999, p. 370-.	

Women in rural southeren Thailand: a study of roles, attitudes and ethno-religious differences /
Arin Sa-iad, et al.
	Southeast Asian Journal of Social Science, v.21:1, 1993, p. 81-97

Women, migration and prostitution in Thailand / M. Mensendiek.
	International Social Work, v.40:2, April 1997, p. 163-76.  

Women who renounce the world in Burma, Thailand and the classical Pali Buddhist texts / Ingrid 
Jordt, et al. 
	Crossroads: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Southeast Asian Studies,  v.4:1, Fall 1988,
	p. 31-39.
"Women will keep the household" : the mediation of wor, and family by female labor migrants
in Bangkok / Pilapa Essara. 
	Critical Asian Studies, v. 36:2, 2004, p. 199-216.
Women's movements in the globalizing world : the case of Thailand / Amara Pongsapich. 
	IN: Women and gender equity in development theory and practice : institutions, 
	resources and mobilization, edited by Jane S. Jaquette and Gale Summerfield.  Durham, 
	NC; London : Duke University Press, 2006, p. 219-239. 
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Web Sites / Online Databases

Bibliography of Asian Studies 
The most comprehensive scholarly index of Southeast Asian Studies available for the 
humanities and social sciences.
(UCB Only)Available for currently enrolled U.C. Berkeley students, faculty and staff.

Contemporary Women's Issues
This full-text full text access to journals, hard-to-find newsletters, reports, 
pamphlets, fact sheets, and guides regarding a broad array of gender-related 
issues.  This database covers sources published by organizations around the world. 
Coverage includes 1992 to the present.

is an very useful database of gender statistics developed by World Bank.

is a full-text database of publications that focus on the impact of gender across 
a broad spectrum of subject areas.
(UCB Only)Available for currently enrolled U.C. Berkeley students, faculty and staff.

Global List of Women's Organizations
provides a thorough listing of international womens organizations.

International Labour Organisation
seeks to promote justice and the improvement of working conditions of women and men.

Southeast Asian Serials Index
provides free access to information on Southeast Asia through the indexing 
of 95 major academic and current affairs journals on Southeast Asia.

Thai Journal Index

United Nations Development Programme : Gender in Development
endeavors to support gender equality and the advancement of women.

United Nations WomenWatch
is the United Nations' Internet Gateway on the Advancement and Empowerment of Women.

UNIFEM in East and Southeast Asia
works with governments, NGOs, community and other organizations, as well 
as individuals, in East andSouth East Asia to promote gender equality between 
women and men and advance the status of women.

Women in Thailand Country Briefing Paper
Asian Development Bank Report on the status of women in Thailand available online. 

World Bank Gender and Development
This website provides information on Bank policy, strategy and implementation, 
as well as tools useful for integrating gender issues into analytical work, 
development operations and capacity building. 

Womens Human Rights
is Human Rights Watch web site devoted to women, providing timely information on the 
conditions of women in Southeast Asian countries.

Women's Human Rights Resources
lists authoritative and diverse information on women's international human rights law.

Womens Studies International
is a comprehensive source consisting of ten women's studies databases including Women's 
Studies Abstracts. It provides references to books, articles, reports, media, etc. that 
are concerned with women and women's issues. Coverage includes 1972 - present, with 
semi-annual updates.
(UCB Only)Available for currently enrolled U.C. Berkeley students, faculty and staff.

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