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Bibliography of Asian studies.
Ann Arbor, Mich. : Association for Asian Studies, 1957
Vols. for 1956-1968 issued as the Sept. number of the Journal of
Asian studies.
	UCB Main   DS503.1.F3
	      Shelved:  Latest 10 vols. (1980-1989) in Reference and
	UCB SSEA    DS511.A12.B6 REF
	       Library has:  1956-

Also available, for currently enrolled U.C. Berkeley students, faculty and staff, is a 
searchable web-base version of Bibliography of Asian Studies (UCB Only) 

Compendium of social statistics and indicators, 1988 = Recueil de
     statistiques et d'indicateurs sociaux, [1988] / Department of International
     Economic and Social Affairs = Departement des affairs economiques...  New
     York : United Nations, 1991.
	UCB   GovSocSci HN25 .C6 1988 Ready Reference

Directory of women's organisations in Singapore.  [Singapore] : National
	Library, Singapore, [1985].
	UCB   S-S/EAsia HQ2003 .D571 1985 REF

Statistical record of women worldwide / compiled and edited by Linda
     Schmittroth.  1st ed.  Detroit : Gale Research, c1991.
	UCB   Info Center  HQ1150.S73
                    	 Library has:  BOUND 1995(2)-
 	UCB   Govt/Soc Sci HQ1150.S73  Ready Reference
                    	Library has:  BOUND 1995(2 

A survey of facilities and resources in libraries and other information centres dealing 
with women in  development in Singapore [microform] / by Marion Southerwood on behalf 
of Ministry of Social Affairs.  Singapore : Ministry of Social Affairs, 1983.
	UCB      News/Micro   MICROFICHE.15942

Women studies abstracts.
[Rush, N.Y., Rush Pub. Co.]
	UCB   Info Center  HQ1101.W65
               Library has:  BOUND v.1(1972)-20(1991/92), 22:4(winter 
                 1994)-v.24(winter 1996); later issues unbound
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General Works

Economic development and women's place : women in Singapore / by Aline K. Wong. London : Change International Reports, 1980. UCB MAIN HQ1750.67 .W65 Female labor force participation in a modernizing society : Malaya and Singapore, 1921-1957 / by Monica S. Fong. Honolulu : East-West Population Institute, 1975. UCLA URL HD 6192.6 F65 The last twenty five years, 1965-1990 / editors, A. Mani, Malathi Bala. 1st ed. [Singapore] : Singapore Tamil Youths' Club, 1991. UCB MAIN DS610.25.E37 L377 1991 More than half the sky : creative writings by thirty Singaporean women / edited by Leong Liew Geok ; [Rebecca Chua ... et al.]. Singapore : Times Books International, c1998. NRLF $B 260 241 The population problem and the inter-relationship between the status of women, development and population, with some reference to Singapore / by Margaret Loh. Singapore : Singapore Family Planning & Population Board, [1975]. UCB MAIN HQ1240 .L6 1975 Sexual behaviour of women in Singapore / V. Atputharajah. Singapore ; Boston : P.G. Pub., 1990. UCB PUBL HQ29 .A86 1990 The Singapore woman. Singapore : Aware, c1988. UCB MAIN HQ1750.67 .S56 1988 Singapore women at the helm / written by Zhang Xina ; translated by Guan Libing. [English ed., rev. & expanded]. Singapore : Asiapac Books, [1996]. UCB MAIN HQ1750.67 .C48 1996 Singapore women re-presented / Audrey Chin, Constance Singam. Singapore : Landmark Books, 2004 UCB MAIN HQ1750.67.C489 2004 Singapore women : three decades of change / edited by Aline K. Wong and Leong Wai Kum. Singapore : Times Academic Press, 1993. UCB MAIN HQ1750.67 .S553 1993 The status of Muslim women in family law in Malaysia, Sinapore and Brunei / by Ahmad Ibrahim. UCB LAW LIB K408 .A286 1965 The 3 paradoxes : working women in Singapore / Jean Lee, Kathleen Campbell, Audrey Chia. 1st ed. Singapore : Association of Women for Action and Research, 1999. UCB MAIN HQ1750.67 .L4 1999 Three score years and twenty : autobiography of an eighty-two year old Singaporean, Mangaleswary Ambiavagar. Singapore : Don Graphics, [1995]. UCB MAIN DS610.53.A43 A3 1995 The underbelly of the tiger : gender and the demystification of the Asian miracle / Thanh-Dam Truong. The Hague, Netherlands : Institute of Social Studies, [1998]. UCB MAIN HQ1240.5.E18 T78 1998 24, 7 p. + suppl. ([1998]) Voices & choices : the women's movement in Singapore / editor, Jenny Lam Lin ; writers, Jenny Lam Lin ... [et al.]. Singapore : Singapore Council of Women's Organisations and Singapore Baha'i Women's Committee, c1993. NRLF C 3 008 637 A Woman's place : the story of Singapore women / editors, Aline Wong, Leong Wai Kum. Singapore : PAP Women's Wing : Distributed by Shing Lee Publishers, c1993. NRLF C 3 007 875 Women as a minority group in Singapore/ by Aline K. Wong. [Singapore] Dept. of Sociology, University of Singapore, 1974. UCB MAIN HD6193 .W66 Women in modern Singapore / Aline K. Wong, with the assistance of Chew Oon Ai, Tan Mey Ling, Phay Ai Lien. Singapore : University Education Press, c1975. UCLA RUL HQ 1750.6 Z8 S578 1975 UCSD SSH HQ1750.6.Z8 S578 1975 Women in the Singapore economy / by Linda Y.C. Lim. Singapore : Chopmen, 1982. UCB MAIN HD6193 .L544 Women workers in multinational corporations : the case of the electronics industry in Malaysia and Singapore / Linda Y. C. Lim. [Ann Arbor : Women's Studies Program, University of Michigan], 1978. UCB MAIN HD6073.E372 M44 Women's work and women's roles : economics and everyday life in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore / Lenore Manderson, editor. Canberra, Australia ; New York, N.Y., U.S.A. : Australian National University ; Canberra : Distributed by ANU Press, 1983. UCB MAIN HQ1753 .W661 1983 Go to top


The changing image of women executives in Singapore and other ASEAN countries / Theodora Ting Chau. 
	Singapore Management Review, v. 11:1, Jan 1989, p. 36-43. 
Childcare in Singapore : negotiating choices and constraints in a multicultural society / Brenda A. Yeoh and 
Sirlena Huang.
	Women's Studies International Forum, v. 18:4, Jul-Aug 1995, p. 445-461.

Class, gender and interest in science : the Singapore case / H. H. Khondker. 
	Bulletin of Science, Technology and Science, v. 21:3, 2001, p. 202-208.
Delinquent Daughters' Struggle for Autonomy, Morality, Pleasure ... and
Motherhood.(Singapore) / Ai Yun Hing. 
	SOJOURN: Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia, v.13:2, Oct 1998, p. 263 (1 page).

Gender and transnational household stragegies : Singaporean migration to China / Katie D. Willis, 
Brenda S. A. Yeoh.
	 Regional Studies, V. 34L3, 2000, p. 253-264.
Georgette Chen (1906-1993), A Pioneer Artist / Jane Chia
      Feminist Studies, v.25:3, Fall 1999, p. 671

Global cities, transnational flows and gender dimensions : the view from Singapore / B. Yeoh, S. Huang 
and K. Willis.
	Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie, v. 91:2, May 2000, p. 147-158.
Global integration and local identities: engendering the Singaporean Chinese / Christine Doran.
	Asia Pacific Viewpoint, v. 37:2, August 1996, p. 153-164.
'Heart' and 'Wing", Nation and Diaspora: gendered discoursed in Singapore's regionalisation 
process / Brenda S.A. Yeoh and Katie Willis. 
	Gender, Place and Culture : a Journal of Feminist Geography , v.6:4, December 1999, 
	p. 355-372. 

If you look like me, I'll talk to you : a preliminary study of ethnic identity and inter-
ethnic interaction among women in Singapore / Valerie Goby. 
	Asian Ethnicity, v.5:2, June 2004, p. 235-244.

Latest improvements to the Women's Charter : Women's Charter (Admentment) Act 1996. 
	Singapore Journal of Legal Studies, Dec 1996, p. 553-599.
Lee angers women in speech. (former Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew
    said he regrets granting women equal rights during his administration).
      Facts on File, v.54:2791, May 26, 1994, p. 387 (1 page).

Marriage and marginalisation in Singaporean politics / Jin Jose ; Christine Doran.
      Journal of Contemporary Asia, v.27:4, Oct 1997, p. 475 (14 pages).

Negotiating target : an ethnographic exploration of women and work in a high technology 
factory in Singapore / Yuen Kay Chung. 
	Studies in Sexual Politics, v. 23, 1988, p. 1-89.

New strategies of adjustment : a Singapore Chinese woman / Janet W. Salaff.
	Southeast Asian Journal of Social Science, V. 24:1, 1996, p. 83-96.
Older women and leisure in Singapore / Peggy Teo. 
	Ageing and Society, v.17:6, Nov 1997, p. 649 (24 pages).

Political women in Singapore : a socio-linguistic analysis / Phyllis Ghim-Lian Chew.
	Women's Studies International Forum, v. 24:6, 2001, p. 727-737.
Representation of women in governance in Singapore : trends and problems / M. Shamsul Haque.
	Asian Journal of Political Science, v.8:2, Dec 2000, p. 59-88.

Research Note : Gender Traits in Singapore / Weining C. Chang. 
	Journal of Women and Gender Studies, April 1997, p. 221-235. 

Sex role portrayal in television advertising : a comparative study of Singapore and 
Malayasia / C. H. Wee, M. L. Choon and K. K. Tambyah. 
	International Marketing Review, v. 12:1, Mar 1, 1995, p. 49-64.
The Singapore Council of Women and the women's movement / Phyliss Ghim Lian
	Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, v.25:1, March 1994, p. 112 (27 pages).

Spaces at the margins : migrant domestic workers and the development of civil 
society in Singapore / B. S. A. Yeoh and S. Huang. 
	Journal of Planning Literature, V. 14:3, 2000. 
A state of ambivalence : feminism in a Singaporean Women's Organization / Lenore Lyons
	Asian Studies Review, v.24:1, March 2000, p. 1-24

Women's search for a place in public life in Singapore . Ai Mee Seet. 
	Sojourn : Social issues in Southeast Asia, v. 8:2, Aug 1993, p. 275-292
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Web Sites / Online Databases

Bibliography of Asian Studies The most comprehensive scholarly index of Southeast Asian Studies available for the humanities and social sciences. (UCB Only)Available for currently enrolled U.C. Berkeley students, faculty and staff. GenderStats is an very useful database of gender statistics developed by World Bank. GenderWatch is a full-text database of publications that focus on the impact of gender across a broad spectrum of subject areas. (UCB Only) Available for currently enrolled U.C. Berkeley students, faculty and staff. Global List of Women's Organizations provides a thorough listing of international womens organizations. International Labour Organisation seeks to promote justice and the improvement of working conditions of women and men. Southeast Asian Serials Index provides free access to information on Southeast Asia through the indexing of 95 major academic and current affairs journals on Southeast Asia. United Nations Development Programme : Gender in Development endeavors to support gender equality and the advancement of women. United Nations WomenWatch is the United Nations' Internet Gateway on the Advancement and Empowerment of Women. UNIFEM in East and Southeast Asia works with governments, NGOs, community and other organizations, as well as individuals, in East and South East Asia to promote gender equality between women and men and advance the status of women. Women in Development Resources includes bibliographies and web links to many resources related to Women Studies. Womens Human Rights is Human Rights Watch web site devoted to women, providing timely information on the conditions of women in Southeast Asian countries. Womens Human Rights Resources lists authoritative and diverse information on women's international human rights law. Women's Studies International (UCB Only)Available for currently enrolled U.C. Berkeley students, faculty and staff. World Bank Gender Net includes statistics, listing of World Bank publications with abstracts and information on projects World Bank is involved with related to women and development.

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