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The almanac of women and minorities in world politics / Mart Martin.
Boulder, Colo. : Westview Press, 2000. 
	UCB  DREF   HQ1236; .M347 2000

ASEAN clearinghouses on women in development.  [Jakarta] : Published for
ASEAN Women's Programme by Center for Scientific Documentation and
Information, Indonesian Institute of Sciences in cooperation with UNICEF, 1994.
	UCB   MAIN   HQ1240.5.A785 A85 1994

Bibliography of Asian studies.
Ann Arbor, Mich. : Association for Asian Studies, 1957
	UCB   MAIN   DS503.1.F3
	UCB   SSEA    DS511.A12.B6 REF
		Library has:  1956-1991
Also available, for currently enrolled U.C. Berkeley students, faculty and staff, is a searchable web-base 
version of Bibliography of  Asian Studies  (UCB Only) 

Chronology of women worldwide : people, places & events that shaped women's history
/ Lynne Brakeman, editor ; Susan Gall, managing editor.
Detroit, Mich. : Gale Research, c1997 [i.e. 1996] 
	UCB  DREF    HQ1121; .C617 1997

Compendium of social statistics and indicators, 
1988 = Recueil destatistiques et d'indicateurs sociaux, [1988] / Department of International 
Economic and Social Affairs = Departement des affairs economiques...  New York : United Nations, 1991.
	 UCB   GOVT REFE   HN25 .C6 1988 
Critical issues in Philippine research : a selected and annotated
literature review on the women's movement, conflict in ... / Anderson, James N. (James Nelson)
Berkeley, CA : Centers for South and Southeast Asia Studies, University of California, 1996.
	UCB   SSEA   DS686.5.A12.A53 1996  REF

Directory of women's organizations in the Philippines.
Quezon City, Philippines : National Women's Information Network
	UCB   SSEA   HQ1555.A1.D5  REF   Library has:  1990

Herstories : a global movement : proceedings of the International
Congress on Women's Role in History and Nation Building : evolving women
centered paradigms through herstories for the 21st century.  Manila,
Philippines : NCC-WS Secretariat : PWU-DIWA, [1999].
	UCB   SSEA   HQ1106 .I546 1998 REF v.1-2 (1999)

Images of the Filipina : a bibliography / Maria Cristina Velez, editor.
1st ed.  [Manila?] : Ala-Ala Foundation, 1975.
	UCB   MAIN   HQ1757.A12 V4
	UCB   SSEA   HQ1757.A12 V4 REF

NWIN bibliography./ National Women's Information Network
Quezon City, Philippines : Women's Resource & Research Center, [1989?]
	UCB   SSEA   Z796.P6.N27 1989  REF

100 women of the Philippines : celebrating Filipina womanhood in the new
millennium / a book by Joy Buensalido & Abe Florendo.  Makaty City,
Philippines : Buensalido & Associates, c1999.
	UCB   SSEA   CT3740 .B84 1999

The Penguin atlas of women in the world  / Joni Seager.  3rd ed., completely rev. and updated.  
New York : Penguin Books, , [c2003].
	UCB   DOE REFE   G1046.E1.S4 2003 

Situation of children and women in the Philippines 1990 /
Government of the Republic of the Philippines, United Nations ...  
Manila : [Government of the Philippines], 1990.
	UCB  SSEA   HQ792.P6.S58 1990  REF

Status of women in the Philippines : a bibliography with selected
annotations / Ofelia Regala Angangco, Laura L. Samson, ...
Quezon City, Philippines : Alemar-Phoenix, 1980
	UCB   MAIN   HQ1757.S73
	UCB   SSEA   HQ1757.S73     REF
Statistical record of women worldwide / Linda Schmittroth, editor.  2nd ed.
New York : Gale Research, c1995.
	UCB   DOE REFE   HQ1150.S73    Gov/Stat
		 Library has:  BOUND 1995(2)
	UCB   MAIN   HQ1150.S73   
		Library has:  BOUND 1995(2)

Sulong Pilipina! Sulong Pilipinas! : a compilation of Filipino women
centennial awardees.  Manila, Philippines : National Centennial Commission,
Women Sector, [1999].
	UCB   SSEA   CT3740 .S85 1999 REF

Women in developing countries : a selected, annotated bibliography for development organisations
 / by Janet Townsend.  Sussex : Institute of Development Studies, [1988].
	UCB   MAIN   HQ1870.9.A12 T693 1988

Women in development : a resource guide for organization and action / ISIS Women's International 
Information & ... Philadelphia : New Society Publishers, c1984.
	UCB   MAIN   HQ1870.9.W655 1984

Women in development : a selected, annotated bibliography and resource guide / prepared by 
Linda Gire Vavrus with Ron Cadieux and the staffof the Non-Formal Education Information Center.  
East Lansing, Mich. : Non-Formal Education Information Center, Institute for International 
Studies in Education, Michigan State University, 1980.
	UCB   MAIN   HQ1870.9.A12 .V38

Women in development : bibliography on the advancement of women and essay on women's studies, 
with focus on South and ... / edited by Basundhara Dhungel.  Bangkok, Thailand : Division of 
Human Settlements Development, Asian Institute of Technology, 1988.
	UCB   SSEA   HQ1735.3.B37 1988  REF

Women in Southeast Asia : a bibliography / Fan Kok-Sim.  Boston, Mass. : G.K. Hall, c1982.
	UCB   DOE REFE   HQ1745.8.A12.F35  
	UCB   SSEA   HQ1745.8.A12.F35 REF

Women in the economy : a select annotated bibliography of Asia and Pacific / compiled by 
Vanita Nayak-Mukherjee.  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia : Asian and Pacific Development Centre ; Pinelands, 
St. Michael, Barbados : DAWN, 1991.
	UCB   SSEA   HQ1726.A12.W66 1991  REF

Women in the Third World : a directory of resources / compiled and edited by Thomas P. 
Fenton and Mary J. Heffronn.  Maryknoll, N.Y. : Orbis Books, c1987.    	
	UCB   SSEA   HQ1870.9.A12.F461 1987  REF
Women in the Third World : a historical bibliography / Pamela R. Byrne, Suzanne R. Ontiveros, 
editors.  Santa Barbara, Calif. : ABC-Clio Information Services, c1986.
	UCB   MAIN   HD1870.8.A12 W651 1986

Women in the Third World : a reference handbook / Karen L. Kinnear.  Santa Barbara, Calif. : ABC-CLIO, 
	UCB   MAIN   HQ1870.9.K58 1997
Women in the Third World : an encyclopedia of contemporary issues  / editor, Nelly P. 
Stromquist ; assistant editor, Karen Monkman.  New York : Garland Pub., 1998.
	UCB   DOE REFE   HQ1870.9.W6548 1998

Women studies abstracts.[Rush, N.Y., Rush Pub. Co.]
	UCB   MAIN   HQ1101.W65
		Library has:  BOUND v.1(1972)-28 (1999)

Also available, for currently enrolled U.C. Berkeley students, faculty and staff, is a searchable web-base 
version of Women Studies International  (UCB Only)

Women's resource directory. lst ed.  Manila : National Commission on the Role 
	of Filipino Women, c1989.    	
		UCB   SSEA    HV1448.P6.W66 1989  REF

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Corazon C. Aquino : early assessments of her presidential leadership and administration and her place in... Internation... [Quezon City] : University of the Philippines Press, 1993. UCB MAIN DS686.614.C68 1993 Paz Marquez Benitez : one woman's life, letters and writings / Virginia Benetez Licuanan. Quezon City : ADMUY Press, 1995. UCB MAIN PR9550.9.B45 Z527 1995 Women of distinction; biographical essays on outstanding Filipino women of the past and the present. Editorial Board: Jovita... n.p., [c1967] UCB SSEA CT3740.W6 REF UCB MAIN CT3740.W6 1967 Go to top

General Works

Babaylan : an anthology of Filipina and Filipina American writers / co-edited by Nick Carbo and Eileen Tabios. 1st ed. San Francisco : Aunt Lute Books, c2000. UCB AsianAmer PR9550.5 .B33 2000 Beyond the crisis : questions of survival and empowerment / [with contributions from Marie E. Aganon ... et al.] ; edited by Jeanne Frances I. Illo and Rosalinda Pineda Ofreneo. [Quezon City] : Joint publication of Center for Integrative and Development Studies and Center for Women's Studies, University of the Philippines, 2003. UCB MAIN HD6059.6.P6.B49 2003 Bleaching beauty : light skin as a Filipina ideal / by Ronald E. Hall. Quezon City : Giraffe Books, 2006. UCB MAIN HQ1757; .H34 2006 Engendering the Philippine judiciary / by Rowena V. Guanzon ... [et al.] ; foreword, Hilario G. Davide, Flerida Ruth P. Romero. Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women(1980) [Quezon City] : UP Center for Women's Studies Foundation, 2006. UCB MAIN KPM516; .E54 2006 Filipino peasant women : exploitation and resistance / Ligaya Lindio-McGovern. Philadelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press, c1997. UCB MAIN HQ1757.L55 1997 Filipino woman writing : home and exile in the autobiographical narratives of ten writers / Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo. Manila, Philippines : Ateneo de Manila University Press, c1994. UCB MAIN PR9550.05.P35 1994 Filipino women in nation building : a compilation of brief biographies : dedicated to the decade of women proclaimed by ... Quezon, City : Phoenix Pub. House, c1984. UCB MAIN HQ1757.A531 1984 Filipino women in business : a casebook. [Manila] : Small Enterprises Research & Development Foundation : U.P. Institute for Small-scale Industries, 1991. UCB MAIN HD6054.4.P6 F55 1991 Gender and access to justice : a report of the regional training programme : 18-21 March 1992, Manila, Philippines / ... Kuala Lumpur : The Forum, [1994] UCB SSEA HQ1236.5.A78.G46 1994 REF Homebound : women visual artists in nineteenth century Philippines / Eloisa May P. Hernandez. Diliman, Quezon City : University of the Philippines Press in cooperation with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, 2004. UCB MAIN N7327.15.H47 2004 Madonnas & Martyrs : militarism and violence in the Philippines / Anne-Marie Hilsdon. Quezon City : Ateneo de Manila University Press, 1995. UCB MAIN U21.75 .H55 1995 Philippine development plan for women, 1989-1992. Manila, Philippines : National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women, 1990 printing. UCB NewsMicro MICROFICHE.24323 The political economy of gender : women and the sexual division of labour in the Philippines / Elizabeth Uy Eviota. London ; Atlantic Highlands, N.J. : Zed Books, 1992. UCB MAIN HD6060.65.P6.E95 1992 A profile of Filipino women : their status and role / prepared for the United States Agency for International Development by Isabel Rojas-Aleta, Teresita L. Silva, Christine P. Eleazar. Manila : Philippine Business for Social Progress, 1977. UCB MAIN HQ1757 .R63 The real world of NGOs : discourses, diversity, and development / Dorothea Hilhorst. London ; New York : Zed Books, 2003. UCB MAIN HQ1240.5.P6.H56 2003 Sex and Gender in Philippine Society : a discussion of issues on the relations between women and men / edited by Elizabeth U. Eviota. Manila : National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women, 1994. UCB MAIN HQ1075.5.P6 S49 1994 Struggling with development : the politics of hunger and gender in the Philippines / Lynn M. Kwiatkowski. Boulder, Colorado : Westview Press, 1998 UCB MAIN DS666.I15 K85 1999 Telling lives : essays by Filipino women / compiled and edited by Elizabeth Lolarga and Anna Leah Sarabia.Quezon City, Philippines : Circle Publications, c1992. UCB MAIN HQ1757.T45 1992 Women and gender relations in the Philippines : selected readings in women's studies / Jeanne Frances I. Illo, editor ; contributors, Fenella Cannell ... [et al.]. Quezon City : Women's Studies Association of the Philippines, 1999- UCB MAIN HQ1181.P6 W73 1999 v.1 (1999) The woman question in the Philippines / by Mary John Mananzan. Pasay City, Philippines : Daughters of St. Paul, [1991]. UCB MAIN HQ1757 .M36 1991 Women, power and kinship politics: female power in post-war Philippines / Mina Roces. Westport, CT : Praeger, 1998. UCB MAIN HQ1236.5.P6.R62 1998 UCB SSEA HQ1236.5.P6.R62 1998 Women's participation in higher education : China, Nepal and the Philippines. Bangkok : Unesco Principal Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, 1990. UCB ED/PSYC LC2316.W651 1990 Working Women of Manila in the 19th Century / Ma Luisa Camagay. [Manila] : University of the Philippines Press, 1995. UCB MAIN HD6195.Z6 M363 1995 Go to top

Journal Articles

Alternative Filipina Heroines: contested tropes in Leftist Feminisms / Jacqueline Siapno. IN: Bewitching Women, Pious Men: Gender and Body Politics in Southeast Asia. / edited by Aihwa Ong, Michael G. Peletz, 1995, p. 216-43. The articulation of gender and class in the Philippines / Elizabeth U. Eviota. IN: Women's work / edited by Eleanor Leacock and Helen Safa. South Hadley, MA : Bergin and Garvey, 1989, p. 194-206. Asian women workers in Kuwait / Nasra M. Shah ; Suleyman S. Al-Qudsi and Makhdoom A. Shah. International Migration Review, v. 25:3, 1991, p. 464-486. The area.(Santa Teresita slum district in Angeles, Philippines) Index on Censorship, v.29:1, Jan-Feb 2000, p. 174-180. Banking on bananas, crediting crafts: financing women's work in the Philippines / Lynne Milgram Atlantis, v. 26:2, 2002, p.109-119. Baylan, asog, transvestism and sodomy: gender, sexuality and the sacred in early colonial Phillippines / Carolyn Brewer Intersections: Gender, History and Culture in the Asian Context in the Asian Context, Issue 2, May 1999. Beasts of the adjustment burden : Philippine women and employment / M. Jiminez. Connexions, no. 44, 1994, p. 24-26. Behind the lines: women in the history and literature of the Philippine revolution / Christine Doran. Asian Journal of Women's Studies, v.7:3, 2001, p. 7-30. The changing status of Filipino women across family generations / Elizabeth M. King ; Lita J. Domingo. Philippine Population Journal, v.2:1-4, Mar-Dec 1986, p. 1-31. The Cigarreras of Manila / Maria Luisa T. Camagay. Philippine Studies, v. 34:4, 1986, p. 507-517. Cognitive consequences of faith in God among Filipino women / Freddie R. Obligacion. Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion, v.10, 1999, p. 117-136. Constructing images, constructing policy : the case of Filipina migrant performing artists / James A. Tyner. Gender, Place and Culture - a journal of feminist geography, v.4:1, March 1997, p. 19-36. Coping with the oppressions of gender, class and race: Asian immigrant women / Alice Yun-Chai. Engage/Social Action, v. 11, 1983, p.56-62. Creating social spaces for transnational feminist advocacy: the Canadian international development agency, the national commission on the role of Filipino women and Philippine women's NGOs / Leonora C. Angeles. The Canadian Geographer, v. 47: 3, Autumn 2003, p. 283-303. Crisis, poverty and survival in the Philippines: one woman finds hope / Violeta Lopez-Gonzales. Missiology, v.15: 3, 1987, p.357-363. Determinants of the labor force participation of Filipino Women / Leda L. Layo. Philippine Sociological Review, v.26:3-4, Jul-Oct 1978. Double standard in sex roles / Rodolfo A. Bulatao. Philippine Sociological Review, v.26:3-4, Jul-Oct 1978. Economic Interactions of migrants and their households of origin: are women more reliable supporters? / Keiko Osaki. Asian and Pacific Migration Journal, v. 8:4, 1999, p. 447-471. The emerging role of Muslim women in a rapidly changing society : the Philippine case / Luis D. Laqar. Journal (Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs). v.13:1, 1992, p. 80-98. Encarnacion Alzona, an indefatigable feminist / Maria Louisa T. Camagay Review of Women' Studies, v.1:l, 1990, p. 56-60. Engineering the Philippine uplands : gender, ethnicity and scientific forestry in the American colonial period / Babette P. Resurreccion. Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars, v.31:1, 1999, p. 13-31. Everyday life in the Philippines: close family ties and the individual / Niels Mulder. Review of Women's Studies, v.1:2, 1990-91, p. 73-82. Export-oriented industrilization and its impact on women workers / Robert T. Snow. Philippine Sociological Review, v.26:3-4, Jul-Oct 1978. Female foreign migrant workers in Japan : working for the yen / Yoko Sellek. Japan Forum, v.8:2, 1996, p. 159-175. Female migrant labor : a case study of Filipino and Thai domestic workers in Rome, Italy / Angkarb P. Korseiporn. Asian Review, v. 3, 1989, p. 54-68. Feminist challenge / Delia D. Aguilar Southeast Asia Journal (Iloilo City, Philippines), v.16:1, 1987, p. 25-33 Feminist Nationalist social movements : beyond universalism and towards a gendered cultural relativism / Lois A. West. Women's Studies International Forum, v.15:5-6, 1992, p. 563-579. The Filipina: a historical legal perspective / Myrna Feliciano. IN: Conference on Women's Role in Philippine History / sponsors, UP Center for Women's Studies ... [et al.]. Diliman : University Center for Women's Studies, 1989, p. 9-33. Filipina migration and organization in Australia : an historical and political perspective / Melba Marginson. Lilith, v.7, 1991, p. 11-24. Filipino brides : slaves or marriage partners? : a comment / Kathryn Robinson. Australian Journal of Social Issues, v. 17:2, May 1982, p. 166-170 The Filipino family-owned business : a matriarchial model / J. Benjamin C. Alvarez, and Patricia M. Alvarez. Philippine Studies, v.20:4, 1972, p. 547-561. The Filipino woman: a historical perspective / Mary-John Mananzan. Culture, Women and Theology, 1994, p. 49-64. Filipino women in development: the impact of poverty / Gonzalez, Anna Miren B. Philippine Sociological Review, July-Oct 1977, p. 97-104. Focus on Filipino rural women / Pineda, Rosalinda V. Philippine Sociological Review, v.29:1-4, Jan - Dec 1981, p. 103-110. Gender and curriculum: is there a women in the class? / Priscelina P. Legasto. Review of Women's Studies, v.2:1, 1991, p. 20-27. Gender and export manufacturing in the Philippines : continuity or change in female employment? :the case of the Mactan Export Processing Zone / Sylvia Chant and Cathy Mcilwiane. Gender, Place and Culture - a Journal of Feminist Geography, v. 2:2, Sept 1995, p. 147-176. Gender differences in land inheritance, schooling and lifetime income: evidence from the rural Philippines / J. Estudilloa, A. Quisumbingb, K. Otsukac. Journal of Development Studies, v.37:4, 2001, p. 23-48. Gender relations and Islamic resurgence in Mindanao, southern Philippines / Jacqueline Siapno. IN:Muslim women's choices : religious belief and social reality / edited by Camillia Fawzi El-Solh and Judy Mabro. Providence, R.I. ; Oxford, U.K. : Berg Publishers, 1994, p.184-201. Gentle subversion: the short fiction in English by Filipino women / Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo. IN: Likhaan book of Philippine Criticism / edited by J. Neil C. Garcia. Quezon City, Philippine : University of the Philippines, 2000, p. 297-318. Gloria of the Philippines / Lowe, Barry. Economist, v.355:8166, April 15, 2000, p.36. Growing old, gracefully and wisely: Cordillera indigenous women after fifty / Bridget Pawid. Women in Action, v.3, 2002, p. 12-16. He Said, She Said : a survey on youth perceptions on gender relations. Igorota, Fall 1999, v.13:2, p. 19. Ideology of female domesticity : its impact on the status of Filipino women / Carolyn Israel-Sobritchea. Review of Women's Studies, v.l:1, 1990 p. 26-41. Images of the Filipina - Special Issue devoted to Philippine Women. Philippine Human Rights Update, v. 4:6, Feb-Mar 1989. Images of women in the short stories of Paz Latorena / Eva V. Kalaw. Philippine Studies, v. 43:4, 1995, p. 623-649. Impact of English on pre-war Filipino women writers / Edna Zapanta Manlapaz. IN: Golden Harvest: Essays in Honor of Joseph A. Galdon, edited by A.J.Evangelista, et. al., Quezon City, Philippines : Ateneo de Manila, 2000, p. 185-196. Industrial sewing machines, work-discipline and aesthetics of anthropological cliches and a letter from Bohol / Yasushi Uchiyamada. Critique of Anthropology, v. 20:3, 2000, p. 243-264. 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Review of Radical Political Economics, v. 23:3-4, 1991, p. 106-128. Modeling cognitive repercussions of education among Filipino women / Freddie Obligacion. Free Inquiry in Creative Sociology, v.26:1, May 1998, p. 119-124. Modes of Resistance: gendered responses to global impositions in coastal Philippines / Pauline Gardiner Barber. Asia Pacific Viewpoint, v. 37:2, August 1996, p. 181-194. Mothers in a new country: the role of culture and communications in Vietnamese, Turkish and Filipino women's experiences of giving birth in Australia / Rhonda Small, et al. Women and Health, v.28:3, 1999, p. 77-101. The movement for equal rights: the validity of legislation beneficial to women / Enrique M. Fernando. Philippine Law Journal, v.51:5, Dec 1976, p. 441-454. Neither "saints" nor "prostitutes" : sexual discourse in the Filipina domestic worker community in Hong Kong / Kimberly A. Chang and Julian McAllister Groves. Women's Studies International Forum, v. 23:1, Jan-Feb 2000, p. 73-87. 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Religiosidad femenina y educacion de la mujer indigena en Filipinas: el Beaterio-Colegio de al Madre Paula de la Santisima Trinidad / Marta Maria Manchado Lopez. (Female religiosity and the education of indigenous women int the Philippines : the Beaterio-Colegio of Mother Paula of the Holy Trinity) Revista de Indias, v. 59:215, 1999, p. 171-202. Reflections on the Filipino woman's past / Lourdes Rausa-Gomez and Helen Rl Tubangui. Philippine Studies, v.26:1-2, 1978, p. 125-141. Rizal on women and children in the struggle for Nationhood / Albina Pecson-Fernandez. Review of Women's Studies, 1990-1991, v.1:2, p. 10-33. The role of women in public life and decision-making in the Philippines / Carmencita T. Aguilar. Journal of Asian and African Affairs, v.3:2, 1992, p. 89-122. Rosa Sevilla de Alvero and the Instituto de Mujeres of Manila / David E. Gardinier and Josefina Z. Sevilla-Gardinier. Philippine Studies, v.37:1, 1989, p. 29-51. 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