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The almanac of women and minorities in world politics / Mart Martin.
Boulder, Colo. : Westview Press, 2000. 
	UCB  DREF   HQ1236; .M347 2000

Bibliografi wanita Indonesia = (Bibliography of women in
Indonesia) / disusun oleh Nel Postma, Zeina Hadad, ...
Jakarta : Kantor Menmud U.P.W. : Pusat Dokumentasi Ilmiah Nasional,
Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia, 1980.
	UCB   S/SE Asia    HQ1752.A12.B52  REF

Bibliografi wanita Indonesia. Suplemen = Bibliography of women in
Indonesia / disusun oleh Nel Postma, Zeina Hadad,... [Ed. 1.].
Jakarta : Kantor Menteri Muda Urusan Peranan Wanita bekerja sama
dengan Pusat Dokumentasi Ilmiah Nasional, Lembaga Ilmu
Pengetahuan Indonesia, 1983
	UCB   SSEA    HQ1752.A12.P67 suppl.  REF
		Library has:  1-3 (1983-1987)

Bibliography of Asian studies.
Ann Arbor, Mich. : Association for Asian Studies, 1957
	UCB   MAIN   DS503.1.F3
	UCB   SSEA    DS511.A12.B6 REF
		Library has:  1956-1991
Also available, for currently enrolled U.C. Berkeley students, faculty and staff, is a searchable web-base 
version of Bibliography of  Asian Studies  (UCB Only) 

Chronology of women worldwide : people, places & events that shaped women's history
/ Lynne Brakeman, editor ; Susan Gall, managing editor.
Detroit, Mich. : Gale Research, c1997 [i.e. 1996] 
	UCB  DREF    HQ1121; .C617 1997

Compendium of social statistics and indicators, 
1988 = Recueil destatistiques et d'indicateurs sociaux, [1988] / Department of International 
Economic and Social Affairs = Departement des affairs economiques...  New York : United Nations, 1991.
	 UCB   GOVT REFE   HN25 .C6 1988 

Directory Indonesian women's organizations / compilers Lini
Somadikarta-Ashdown, Kamariah Tambunan.
Jakarta : Clearinghourse for Information on Women in Development
PDII-LIPI in cooperation with United Nations Children's Fund.  1995.
	UCB   SSEA    HQ2004.S645 1995  REF

Excerpta Indonesica.
Leyden, The Netherlands : Centre for Documentation on Modern
Indonesia of the Royal Institute of Linguistics and Anthropology, 1970
	UCB SSEA    DS611.E8  REF
		 Library has:  1(1970)-2002
Indonesia : country file.  Kuala Lumpur : Asian and Pacific 
Development Centre, [1993].
	 UCB   Main      HC446 .A742 1993 v. 1-2 (1993)
The Indonesian women movement; a chronological survey of the women
movement in Indonesia / Indonesia. Departemen Penerangan. 
[Djakarta] Dept. of Information, Republic of Indonesia [1968]
	UCB   SSEA    HQ1753.A54

Indonesian women : selected abstracts / editors, Lini B.
Somadikarta, Ani Ristiyanti, Kamariah Tambunan ; ...
Jakarta : Clearinghouse for Information on Women in Development in
cooperation with the Canadian Embassy in Jakarta, 1989.
	UCB    SSEA    HQ1752.S596 1989  REF

Indonesian women : abstracts.
Jakarta, Indonesia : Clearinghouse for Information on women in
Development in cooperation with the Canadian Embassy in Jakarta, [1989]
	UCB   SSEA    HQ1752.W313 1989  REF
		   Library has:  pt.1-2 ([1989])

Penduduk Indonesia dalam gambar, 1990 = 1990 population of Indonesia in
graphs.  Jakarta, Indonesia : Biro Pusat Statistik, [1994].
       UCB   SSEA  HB3647 .P424 1994 REF

The Penguin atlas of women in the world  / Joni Seager.  3rd ed., completely rev. and updated.  
New York : Penguin Books, , [c2003].
	UCB   DOE REFE   G1046.E1.S4 2003
Selected Indonesian periodical articles on women and womanhood,
1952-1976 = Karangan-karangan dalam majalah ilmiah Indonesia ...
/ Hendrata Kusbandarrumsamsi.  Development of a Social Sciences 
Documentation and Information Center, [1978].
	UCB   SSEA    HQ1752.A12.K87  REF

Situation analysis of children and women in Indonesia.
[Jakarta] : Govt. of Indonesia : UNICEF, [1989]
	UCB   Public Hlth  HQ792.I6.S58 1989

[Jakarta] : Ciptawidya Swara, 1991.
	UCB  SSEA    HQ1752.S68  REF
		 Library has:  BOUND 1991

Srikandi bangsaku [microform].
	Jakarta : Direktorat Urusan Kepahlawanan dan Perintis
	Kemerdekaan, Direktorat Jenderal Bina Kesejahteraan
	Sosial, Departemen Sosial R.I., 1986.
	Notes:  Biographies of women activists in the Indonesian freedom struggle.
		UCB News/Micro    MICROFICHE.18564  
Statistical record of women worldwide / Linda Schmittroth, editor.  2nd ed.
New York : Gale Research, c1995.
	UCB   DOE REFE   HQ1150.S73    Gov/Stat
		 Library has:  BOUND 1995(2)
	UCB   MAIN   HQ1150.S73   
		Library has:  BOUND 1995(2)
Wanita utama Nusantara dalam lintasan sejarah = Prominent women in
	the glimpse of history / editor, Ismail... [1st ed., rev.].
	[Jakarta : s.n.], 1994 (Jakarta : Jayakarta Agung Offset)
		UCB   Main   DS641.W36 1994

Wanita: Perspektif undang-undang dan kempimpinan / Noor Aziah Haji
Modh. Awal [1995]
	UCB MAIN    HQ1750.6.N65 1995

Women and men in Indonesia.  Jakarta, Indonesia : Central Bureau of
Statistics ; [S.l.] : United Nations Development Fund for Women, [1994?]
	UCB   SSEA    HB3657.W6 1995  REF

The women of Indonesia.
Jakarta : Department of Information, Indonesia, [1983?]
	UCB   SSEA    HQ1751.W5l
The women of Indonesia / Dept. of Information in co-operation with
the Office of the Minister of State for the Role... Rev. ed.
Jakarta : Department of Information, Republic of Indonesia, 1985.
	UCB   Main  HQ1751.W51 1985
Women in developing countries : a selected, annotated bibliography for development organisations
 / by Janet Townsend.  Sussex : Institute of Development Studies, [1988].
	UCB   MAIN   HQ1870.9.A12 T693 1988

Women in development : a resource guide for organization and action / ISIS Women's International 
Information & ... Philadelphia : New Society Publishers, c1984.
	UCB   MAIN   HQ1870.9.W655 1984

Women in development : a selected, annotated bibliography and resource guide / prepared by 
Linda Gire Vavrus with Ron Cadieux and the staffof the Non-Formal Education Information Center.  
East Lansing, Mich. : Non-Formal Education Information Center, Institute for International 
Studies in Education, Michigan State University, 1980.
	UCB   MAIN   HQ1870.9.A12 .V38

Women in development : bibliography on the advancement of women and essay on women's studies, 
with focus on South and ... / edited by Basundhara Dhungel.  Bangkok, Thailand : Division of 
Human Settlements Development, Asian Institute of Technology, 1988.
	UCB   SSEA   HQ1735.3.B37 1988  REF

Women in Southeast Asia : a bibliography / Fan Kok-Sim.  Boston, Mass. : G.K. Hall, c1982.
	UCB   DOE REFE   HQ1745.8.A12.F35  
	UCB   SSEA   HQ1745.8.A12.F35 REF

Women in the economy : a select annotated bibliography of Asia and Pacific / compiled by 
Vanita Nayak-Mukherjee.  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia : Asian and Pacific Development Centre ; Pinelands, 
St. Michael, Barbados : DAWN, 1991.
	UCB   SSEA   HQ1726.A12.W66 1991  REF

Women in the Third World : a directory of resources / compiled and edited by Thomas P. 
Fenton and Mary J. Heffronn.  Maryknoll, N.Y. : Orbis Books, c1987.    	
	UCB   SSEA   HQ1870.9.A12.F461 1987  REF
Women in the Third World : a historical bibliography / Pamela R. Byrne, Suzanne R. Ontiveros, 
editors.  Santa Barbara, Calif. : ABC-Clio Information Services, c1986.
	UCB   MAIN   HD1870.8.A12 W651 1986

Women in the Third World : a reference handbook / Karen L. Kinnear.  Santa Barbara, Calif. : ABC-CLIO, 
	UCB   MAIN   HQ1870.9.K58 1997
Women in the Third World : an encyclopedia of contemporary issues  / editor, Nelly P. 
Stromquist ; assistant editor, Karen Monkman.  New York : Garland Pub., 1998.
	UCB   DOE REFE   HQ1870.9.W6548 1998

Women studies abstracts.[Rush, N.Y., Rush Pub. Co.]
	UCB   MAIN   HQ1101.W65
		Library has:  BOUND v.1(1972)-28 (1999)

Also available, for currently enrolled U.C. Berkeley students, faculty and staff, is a searchable web-base 
version of Women Studies International  (UCB Only)

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General Works

Assembling women : the feminization of global manufacturing / Teri L. Caraway. Ithaca : ILR Press, 2007. UCB BUSI HD6068 .C37 2007 Central pillars of the house : sisters, wives, and mothers in a rural community in Minangkabau, West Sumatra / Joke van Reenen. Leiden, The Netherlands : Research School CNWS, 1996. UCB MAIN HQ1754.S9.R4 1996 Development, demography, and family decisionmaking : the status of women in rural Java / Linda B. Williams. Boulder : Westview Press, 1990. UCB MAIN HQ1240.5.I5.W55 1990 Development, tourism, and gender analysis : Pangandaran, West Java, Indonesia as the case study / Wiwik Pratiwi. North York, Ont. : University Consortium of the Environment, 1995. UCB MAIN G155.I5.P47 1995 Different women, different work : gender and industrialisation in Indonesia/ edited by Mies Grijns ... [et al.]. Aldershot, England ; Brookfield, Vt., USA : Avebury, c1994. 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Amnesty International - USA Women's Humans Rights Bibliography of Asian Studies The most comprehensive scholarly index of Southeast Asian Studies available for the humanities and social sciences. (UCB Only) Available for currently enrolled U.C. Berkeley students, faculty and staff. GenderStats a useful database of gender statistics developed by World Bank. GenderWatch is a full-text database of publications that focus on the impact of gender across a broad spectrum of subject areas. (UCB Only) Available for currently enrolled U.C. Berkeley students, faculty and staff. Global List of Women's Organizations provides a thorough listing of international womens organizations. International Labour Organisation seeks to promote justice and the improvement of working conditions of women and men. KOWANI, the Indonesian Women's Congress Southeast Asian Serials Index provides free access to information on Southeast Asia through the indexing of 95 major academic and current affairs journals on Southeast Asia. The United Nations and the Status of Women a United Nations Home Page bringing together women's departments from various UN agencies. United Nations Development Programme : Gender in Development endeavors to support gender equality and the advancement of women. United Nations WomenWatch is the United Nations' Internet Gateway on the Advancement and Empowerment of Women. UNIFEM in East and Southeast Asia works with governments, NGOs, community and other organizations, as well as individuals,in East and South East Asia to promote gender equality between women and men and advance the status of women. Women Asia This web page's objective is to "serve as an informational regional network of individuals and Agencies which will facilitate monitoring of the implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action from a women's perspective in the Southeast Asian region. Women in Development Resources includes bibliographies and web links to many resources related to Women Studies. Women in Politics, Indonesia Women's Studies International (UCB Only)Available for currently enrolled U.C. Berkeley students, faculty and staff. World Bank Gender Net includes statistics, listing of World Bank publications with abstracts and information on projects World Bank is involved with related to women and development.

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