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     The Indochina Center of the University of California, Berkeley, contains one 
of the largest collections in the worldof English-language materials on Vietnam, Laos 
and Cambodia. The heart of the collection comprises approximately 225 file cabinet
drawers (525 linear feet) of government documents, press clippings, and private 
papers stored in vertical files and organized by subject. It also includes a 
recently expanded collection of contemporary serials from Vietnam, now the largest 
collection in the San Francisco Bay Area.
     With their recent opening to the West, much more information from and about 
Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia has become available.In addition to our expanding 
collection of Vietnamese serials, we print and file hundreds of pages each week 
of news material gathered from wire services, translated radio broadcasts, and
other sources.
     The Indochina Center is under the Center for International and Area Studies 
at UCB. It is located off campus at 6701 San Pablo Avenue, Oakland, California 
94608; telephone: (510) 642-6539; e-mail: sdenney@uclink.berkeley.edu. Use of 
the archive is free and open to the public. Our Center is not only a research
facility, but a meeting place for students, academics, business people, refugees, 
humanitarian workers and others living in thisarea with a strong interest in 
Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.
     The following is a breakdown of our collection. Unless otherwise noted, 
the period covered for the files listed below dates from the late 1950s through 
the present day. We estimate the size of the file by office file drawer (about 
28 inches long). Files are arranged in chronological order, by month and year.


- AN NINH THE GIOI (World Peace) (Hanoi) - ASEASUK NEWS (ASSN. OF SOUTHEAST ASIAN STUDIES, UK) - ASIAN SURVEY (Berkeley, California) - ASIAN STUDIES NEWSLETTER (Association of Asian Studies) - BAN TIN TON GIAO (Religion Newsletter) (published by the Bureau of Religious Affairs, Hanoi) - BOAT PEOPLE S.O.S. (mailings) - BULLETIN OF CONCERNED ASIAN SCHOLARS - BULLETIN SIGNALETIQUE (newsletter of the Centre d'Information et de Documentation sur le Vietnam Contemporain, a research center in Paris) - CDIL BULLETIN D'INFORMATION (CENTRE DE DOCUMENTATION ET D'INFORMATION SUR LE LAOS) (France) - CONG AN NHAN DAN (People's Police) (Hanoi) - CPR UPDATE (COALITION FOR PEACE AND RECONCILIATION, CAMBODIA) - CENTER FOR S.E. ASIA STUDIES (UCB) NEWSLETTER - DAI DOAN KET (Great Solidarity) (Ho Chi Minh City) - DAN CHU & PHAT TRIEN (Democracy and Development) (Germany) - DAN TOC HOC (Ethnology) (Inst. of Ethnographic Studies, Hanoi) - DESTINATION: VIETNAM (Tourist magazine from San Francisco) - DIAKONIA (Jesuit Refugee Service, Asia-Pacific) - DOI LUC ("Viet Opposing Centre's Forum", Canada) - EGLISES D' ASIE (Biweekly newsletter of the Foreign Missions of Paris) - FAR EASTERN ECONOMIC REVIEW - FRIENDS OF THE VIETNAM CENTER NEWSLETTER (Texas Tech University) - GIAO DUC VA THOI DAI (Education and Time) (Hanoi) - HANOI MOI (New Hanoi) (Hanoi) - HUNG VIET - IMMF DISPATCH (Indochina Media Memorial Foundation, Bangkok) - INDOCHINA CHRONOLOGY - INDOCHINA INTERCHANGE (U.S.-Indochina Reconciliation Project) - JOURNAL OF CONTEMPORARY ASIA - KHOSANA (Thailand-Lao-Cambodia Studies Group, AAS) - LA LETTRE DE L'AFRASE (ASSN. FRANCAISE POUR LA RECHERCHE SUR - L'ASIE DU SUD EST) (France) - LAO DONG (Labor) (Hanoi) - LAO SERITHAM NEWSPAPER (Stockton, California) - MEKONG DIGEST (WEEKLY PRINTOUT) (U.S.-Vietnam Trade Council, Washing- ton, D.C.) - MY THUAT THOI NAY CUOI - NED DEMOCRACY (National Endowment for Democracy) - NETWORK FOR LIVING ABROAD - NGHIEN CUU LY LUAN (Journal of Theoretical Studies, published by the Ho Chi Minh National Political Academy, Ho Chi Minh City) - NGHIEN CUU LICH SU (Historical Studies) (Published by the Institute of Historical Science, Hanoi) - NGHIEN CUU XA HOI HOC (Sociological Research) (Hanoi) - NGUOI BAO VE CONG LY (Protector of Justice) (Published by the People's Supreme Court, Hanoi) - NGUOI CONG GIAO VIET NAM (Vietnamese Catholics) (Published by the Committee of Union of Catholics, Hanoi) - NGUOI DEP VIET NAM (Beautiful Vietnamese) (Hanoi) - NGUOI HA NOI (Hanoi People) (Hanoi Association of Literature and Arts, Hanoi) - NHA BAO & CONG LUAN (Publisher and Public Opinion) (Published by the Publisher's Union of Vietnam, Hanoi) - NHAN QUYEN/DROITS DE L'HOMME (Human Rights, Paris) - PACIFIC AFFAIRS - PACIFIC RESEARCH - PACIFIC RIM REPORT - PHNOM PENH POST - PHU NU CHU NHAT (Women - Sunday) (published by the Women's Association of Ho Chi Minh City) - PHU NU VIETNAM (Vietnamese Women) (published by the Vietnam Woman's Association, Hanoi) - POSITIONS: EAST ASIA CULTURES CRITIQUE - QUE ME (Motherland) (Paris) - REFUGEE REVIEW (UNIV. OF MINNESOTA) - SAIGON ECO - SAIGON TIMES WEEKLY - SELECTIONS ON SE ASIA - SONG HUONG (culture and arts journal, published in Hue) - SOUTHEAST ASIAN ARCHIVE NEWSLETTER (Univ. of California at Irvine) - SUVANNABHUMI (Arizona State University Southeast Asian Studies Center) - TAI HOA TRE (Youth Talent) (Ho Chi Minh City) - TAP CHI LICH SU DANG (Party Historical Review) (Hanoi) - TAP CHI NGHIEN CUU PHAT HOC (Buddhist Research Review) (published by the Vietnam Buddhist Church, Hanoi) - TIEN PHONG CHU NHAT (Vanguard, Sunday edition) (Hanoi) - TOA AN NHAN DAN (People's Court) (Published by the People's Supreme Court, Hanoi) - TUOI TRE (Youth) (Ho Chi Minh City) - TUOI TRE CUOI (Smiling Youth) (Ho Chi Minh City) - VAN NGHE (Literature) (Published by the Vietnam Writers' Association, Hanoi) - VAN NGHE QUAN DOI (Army Literature) (Hanoi) - VAN NGHE TRE (Youth Literature) (Published by the Vietnam Writers' Association, Hanoi) - VIEN GIAC (Vietnam Buddhist magazine from Germany) - VIET MARKETING AND BUSINESS REPORTS/KHAI - THUC THI TRUONG (Canada) - VIET NAM AJOUR (DANSK VIETNAMESISK FORENING, DENMARK) - VIETNAM (Vietnam War journal) - VIETNAM BUSINESS JOURNAL - VIETNAM DEMOCRACY - VIETNAM ECONOMIC TIMES (Hanoi) - VIET NAM - INFO (Germany) - VIETNAM INSIGHT - VIETNAM INVESTMENT REVIEW (Published by the Ministry of Planning and Investment, Hanoi) - VIETNAM NEWS AGENCY (DAILY PRINTOUTS) (Hanoi) - VIETNAMESE STUDIES (Hanoi) - VIETNAM STUDIES BULLETIN (Vietnam Studies Group newsletter) - XA HOI HOC (Sociology) (Published by the Institute of Sociology, Hanoi) - XUA NAY (Before and Now) (Published by the Vietnam Institute of Science and History, Hanoi)


I. VIETNAM HISTORY: One Drawer - PRE-MODERN ERA - FRENCH COLONIAL ERA - WORLD WAR II - OPERATION EXODUS (1954) - VIET MINH ERA (1945-54) - DRV/NLF PUBLICATIONS ON HISTORY - COMMUNISM - SOUTH VIETNAM (RVN) - HISTORIC DOCUMENTS II. DRV/SRV FILES A. AGRICULTURE: - GENERAL: 1/4 drawer - CHRONOLOGICAL: 4 drawers - ANIMAL HUSBANDRY AND WILDLIFE: 1/2 drawer - COMMUNES/COLLECTIVES: 1/2 drawer - CROPS: 1 drawer - FISHING: 1/2 drawer - INDUSTRIAL SUPPORT: 1/2 drawer - LUMBER/FORESTRY: 1/2 drawer - MANAGEMENT: 1/2 drawer - THEORY OF ORGANIZATION OF AGRICULTURE: 1/2 drawer - WATER CONSERVANCY: 1 drawer B. ANNIVERSARIES: 1 drawer C. ARMED FORCES: - GENERAL: 1 1/2 drawers - CHRONOLOGICAL: 2 drawers - ECONOMIC: 1/2 drawer - MEDICAL: 1 large folder - MILITIA: 1/2 drawer - PARTY: 1/2 drawer - RECRUITMENT-TRAINING: 1 drawer - VETERANS: 1/2 drawer D. CITIES (mostly post 1980) - HANOI: 1 drawer - SAIGON/HO CHI MINH CITY: 3/4 drawer - OTHER CITIES (filed by city): 1/2 drawer E. COMMUNICATION-PROPAGANDA: 1 3/4 drawers F. CULTURE/CUSTOMS AND BEHAVIOR: 1 drawer G. DOMESTIC AFFAIRS (FORMERLY SITUATIONER) (post 1975): 2 1/2 drawers H. ECONOMY - DOMESTIC TRADE: 1 drawer - ECONOMIC PLANNING AND ASSESSMENT: 6 drawers - FISCAL: 2 drawers - FOREIGN TRADE AND AID: 3 drawers - LABOR: 3/4 drawer - HEAVY INDUSTRY: 3 drawers - LIGHT INDUSTRY: 1 drawer - MANAGEMENT: 2 drawers - NEW ECONOMIC ZONES: 1/4 drawer - STATISTICS: 1 drawer - THEORY: 1 drawer - TOURISM (1980s-present; new category): 1 drawer - TRANSPORTATION-COMMUNICATION: 2 drawers I. EDUCATION: 2 drawers J. EMULATION MOVEMENTS: 1 drawer K. ETHNIC CHINESE: 1 drawer L. ETHNIC MINORITIES: 1/2 drawer M. FOREIGN RELATIONS - BLOC (Soviet bloc/former Soviet bloc countries): 3 drawers - CAMBODIA: 3 1/2 drawers (1978-present; one large folder pre-78) - CHINA: 7 drawers (1975-present) - GENERAL: 4 1/2 drawers - INDIA: 1/2 drawers - INDOCHINA: 1 drawer - LAOS: 1 drawer - JAPAN: 2 drawers - NON-BLOC: 3 drawers (This would include all countries not falling into the other categories listed here) - SOUTHEAST ASIA: 2 1/2 drawers - THAILAND: 2 drawers - UNITED NATIONS: 1 drawer - UNION OF SOVIET SOCIALIST REPUBLICS/FORMER USSR: 5 drawers - UNITED STATES: 6 drawers N. GENERAL/BASIC DATA: 1 drawer O. GOVERNMENT/POLITICS: 2 drawers P. HEALTH: 1 1/2 drawers Q. IDEOLOGY: 1 drawer R. KHIEM THAO (self-criticism movements): 1/4 drawer S. NATIONAL ASSEMBLY: 1 1/2 drawers (1975-present) T. PARTY: 3 1/2 drawers (1976-present) U. PUBLIC WELFARE: 1/4 drawer V. SECURITY - DRV SECURITY, 1954-75: 3/4 drawer - HUMAN RIGHTS: 1/4 drawer - INTERNAL SECURITY: 3/4 drawer - LAW ENFORCEMENT: 1 drawer - LEGAL: 1/2 drawer - LEGAL TEXTS: 1/4 drawer - RE-EDUCATION: 1/2 drawer W. SOCIAL MOVEMENTS - FATHERLAND FRONT: 1/2 drawer - MASS ORGANIZATIONS: 1/4 drawer - RELIGION: 1 drawer - TRADE UNIONS: 1/2 drawer - WOMEN: 1/2 drawer - YOUTH: 3/4 drawer III. CAMBODIA: A. GENERAL (see microfiche collection) B. CHRONOLOGICAL (1973-present): 31 drawers IV. LAOS A. GENERAL: 1/2 drawer B. CHRONOLOGICAL (1947-present): 10 1/2 drawers V. REPUBLIC OF VIETNAM (SOUTH VIETNAM), 1954-75: A. GENERAL: 2 drawers B. CHRONOLOGICAL (1953-75): 7 drawers C. ECONOMIC: 3 drawers D. EDUCATION: 1/2 drawer E. VIETNAMESE LANGUAGE MATERIALS: 1 drawer VI. BIOGRAPHIC FILES A. CAMBODIA: 1 drawer B. DRV/SRV: - CENTRAL COMMITTEE: 2 drawers - DISSIDENTS IN SRV: 3/4 drawer - HO CHI MINH: 2 drawers - MILITARY: 2 drawers - POLITBURO: 1 drawer - EX-POLITBURO: 3 drawers - PROMINENT PERSONALITIES (NON-CC MEMBERS AND NON-MILI- TARY): 6 drawers - VO NGUYEN GIAP: 2 drawers C. EMIGRES: 1 1/2 drawers D. LAOS: 1/2 drawer E. NAME LISTS: 1 drawer F. PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY ORAL HISTORIES: 2 drawers G. SOUTH VIETNAM: 4 drawers H. U.S. AND OTHER FOREIGNERS: 4 drawers I. VIET KIEU STUDY MATERIALS (Douglas Pike, 1996): 1 drawer J. VIETNAM HISTORICAL FIGURES AND DECEASED: 1 drawer K. WAR PARTICIPANT INTERVIEWS: 5 drawers VII. REFUGEES A. LOUIS WIESNER FILES ON DISPLACED PERSONS IN SOUTH VIETNAM: 3 drawers. (Louis Wiesner was a USAID worker in South Vietnam working with internally displaced persons. These materials cover the period of 1954-75.) B. REFUGEES FROM INDOCHINA 1975-PRESENT: 7 drawers IX. BIBLIOGRAPHIC MATERIALS: 4 drawers X. RESEARCH MATERIALS: 4 drawers A. Academic Activity B. Conferences C. Foundations D. Internet Resources E. Organizations F. Research Projects


- HISTORY OF THE VIETNAM WAR ON MICROFICHE: In 1994 the paper files devoted to the Vietnam War were moved to Texas Tech University. The Indochina Center at University of California, Berkeley retains a rare microfilm version of the entire collection. The content of the microfilm is as follows: - UNIT ONE: ASSESSMENT AND STRATEGY: The war as viewed and planned from Hanoi, Saigon, Washington, Moscow and Beijing. Also includes analysis and commentary from various observers. 1132 fiche. - UNIT TWO: GENERAL HISTORY: Day to day military activity, from Jan. 1954 to May 1975. This file also includes postwar retrospectives of the war. 1034 fiche. - UNIT THREE: TOPICAL HISTORY: 1650 fiche. Divided into the following categories: allied war participants; anti-war movement; insurgency warfare; U.S. legal and legislative activity; literature of the war; POW/MIAs (American and Vietnamese); the press and the war; public opinion; refugees and civilian casualties; statistical data; technology of warfare; the U.S. economy and the war; the U.S. mission in Saigon; American veterans of the war; war atrocities; and war participant interviews. - UNIT FOUR: POLITICAL SETTLEMENT: 632 fiche. Negotiations leading to the 1973 Paris Accords, the ceasefire period and retrospectives of the talks - UNIT FIVE: NATIONAL LIBERATION FRONT: 1126 fiche. Divided into the following categories: general studies; programs and directives; organizational history; external relations; organization; administration of NLF-controlled areas; military activities; political struggle; communications; mystique (mobilization and motivation techniques); and captured NLF documents (in Vietnamese). - UNIT SIX: SOUTH VIETNAM: 942 fiche. Covering the late 1950s to May 1975. Divided into the following categories: general materials; history of Vietnam (from pre-historical times, through French colonization and the 1954 Geneva conference); daily news; education and culture; and economy. With the exception of the historical files (Vietnam before 1954), most of these materials are also in our paper collection. - UNIT SEVEN: NORTH VIETNAM DURING THE WAR, PART I: 654 fiche. The Democratic Republic of Vietnam, 1954-75. Divided into the following categories: general materials; government, politics and the Communist Party; and foreign relations. - UNIT EIGHT: NORTH VIETNAM AND CAMBODIA DURING THE WAR, PART II: - DRV AGRICULTURE: 351 FICHE - CAMBODIA: 165 FICHE OTHER MICROFORM: - CONFIDENTIAL U.S. STATE DEPARTMENT CENTRAL FILES: INDOCHINA INTERNAL AFFAIRS, 1945-1949: 10 reels with guide - CIA RESEARCH REPORTS: VIETNAM AND SOUTHEAST ASIA: 1946- 1976: 7 reels with guide - FOREIGN RELATIONS OF THE U.S., 1958-60, EAST ASIA, CAMBODIA (Dept. of State): 22 fiche - JPRS TRANSLATIONS OF NORTH VIETNAM PRESS, 1957-62: 6 reels - NORTH VIETNAM PRESS (IN VIETNAMESE), 1961-63 (NHAN DAN, QUAN DOI NHAN DAN, TIEN PHONG): 4 reels - SRV PRESS: 38 reels. Newspapers from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, 1983-86: - GIAO DUC LY LUAN - HANOI MOI - NHAN DAN - QUAN DOI NHAN DAN - SAIGON GIAI PHONG - TAP CHI CONG SAN - TAP CHI QUAN DOI NHAN DAN - TRANSCRIPTS AND FILES OF THE PARIS PEACE TALKS ON VIETNAM: 1968-1973: 12 reels with guide - VIETNAM: A DOCUMENTARY COLLECTION: WESTMORELAND VS. CBS (U.S. documents declassified as a result of Westmoreland's lawsuit against 60 Minutes): 1010 fiche - THE WAR IN VIETNAM: CLASSIFIED HISTORIES BY THE NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL: Various declassified letters and high-level memoranda, 1964-68: 8 reels with guide
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